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    Last night my parents came home after a night out and my dad was clearly tipsy. But was nasty with it. He saw one of my friends in the pub. I know hes not too keen of this friend cos she has been a nasty bitch to me in the past but it was years ago. He came home telling me hed seen her then started spouting off saying what a nasty bitch she was and that she was a waste of space and how she was no good for me. He then started going on about the past like I need reminding how shit it is. I said why are you being so nasty and he said Im just telling you what I think. He then started reminding me of the fact that I am pretty lonely and dont have many friends round here and the ones I do have I rarely ever see. This was a very unprovoked attack on my friend and on me. I dont know what I did to deserve that but I feel very deflated now. Hes always going on at me to tell him how I feel and to not keep things bottled but after that I will never tell him anything again.
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    Here is another example of how not to act...your father's condition is no excuse for bad behavior...but, then again, we all have acted in a way of which we have not been proud...if he usually does not act like this, forgive him, but if this is his general pattern, do not take this to heart...J
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    He can be a very selfish man and is a nasty drunk when hes drunk. I love my dad to pieces. Hes going through his own stuff at the mo hes just been diagnosrd with PTSD however I think hes got a personality disorder mainly because of his selfish behaviour. But this really upset me Im already lonely enough and seem to have upset my uni friends I dont need remindeung what a loner I am too.