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Nice advice...

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Ihatemyselfalot, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Ihatemyselfalot

    Ihatemyselfalot Banned Member

    I have hated every single job I have had.

    People say, "Hey, you should go to college and get some qualifications, then you can get a job you want".

    So I went to college and did something with computers, I don't care about computers, I just didn't want to work in a shop any more, and now I hate this job too.

    I hate work, its such a waste of my mortal life, I feel like if my life is going to be wasted, then I would rather do it, I would rather shoot myself, than let some scum-fuck boss waste my life so he can profit of my miserable day.

    Damn!, I hate my life and my job.

    College doesn't do jack shit, it just provides you with a piece of paper that allows you to go to another environment that I will hate.

    And fuck women too, that hasn't got anything to do with this..

    But fuck women!
    Bunch of skank pigs, want nothing more than money, you make me sick and I wish I was gay or at least BI, then I would never need to talk to another scumbag woman again.

    Watch some skank pig come on this thread and tell us how women aren't when I bet if I got to know her for for five minutes that I could prove her to be an ever bigger skank pig than even she thought she was.

    Just thought I would share, don't write on this, fuck off.
  2. Ihatemyselfalot

    Ihatemyselfalot Banned Member

    Its like I'm a prisoner.
    I'm only as free as my boss and my bank says I am, and I'm fucking sick of it, I would rather die than be such a bitch to my boss and my bank.

    They have their dicks up my ass, and I would rather fucking die! (However, this a part of me that wishes I liked dicks up my ass so I never need to associate with women again) its the principle of it, my life is being raped by these ****s!
    And I don't want to give them the satisfaction of being a little bitch that they can fuck around and profit off, whilst I work 9-12 hour shifts, just so I can afford to heat my shitty fucking ghetto house!!

    Fuck work and fuck my life, I fucking hate it and I hate most people.

    If god exists, then I hate him most of all, if I have to exist for eternity, hell or not, but if I have actually exist for now and for the rest of forever, I am going to be fucking PISSED THE FUCK OFF! and me and god are going to fucking throw down, the only thing in life I have ever been good at was fighting, and me and god in the octagon bitch!!!

    Fuck money *****s!
    Your life means nothing other than collecting money, and I might be a whiney bitch, but at least I'm not a money ***** being spit roasted with a big corporate dicks.
    Fuck you!

    Fuck TV! and fuck all the trash that has been created, just so we can hypnotise ourselves and make our shitty lives bareable.

    FUCK IT!!
  3. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    You are special!

    In response to your complaint about your life and your job, I would like to share the following with you:​

    I believe that we are all different from everybody else who ever walked the Earth, and we are all specially gifted in some way. Even if others pursue the same creative activities as we do, everybody has their own special and unique way of expressing themselves. In the course of our evolution as individuals and through many lifetimes, we all have developed our own set of abilities. There always will be someone who is better than we are, at one thing or another; and everyone is likely to be our superior at least in one way. But do not overlook that this is valid for each one of us.

    Every human soul has been provided by our Creator with a different set of gifts and talents. They have taken many lifetimes to develop and it is important to be grateful for them, to take good care of them and further develop them, to the best of our ability. The whole range of that which has been bestowed upon us produces a vibration and a sound that is uniquely our own. The entire human race is like a room that is filled with billions of musical instruments. Listening to the symphony they are producing together, it may seem to us as if some of the instruments in some way sounded better than ours. Don’t be disturbed by this, because it’s due to the fact that every instruments is a unique creation, to ensure that no-one matches exactly anyone else’s sound. No matter how hard they may try, it’s impossible!

    We are all tiny particles of a vast whole, and the functioning of one is as important as that of all the others for the wellbeing of the whole. Every single one is rare and precious in the eyes of the One who created us. And whatever we imagine this being to be, even the greatest sceptic is bound to admit that we and our world cannot have appeared out of nowhere. Our Creator holds the Great Plan of life in His/Her loving hands and designed us to be exactly the way we are.

    We are not some kind of a random and haphazard appearance or cosmic joke. We are in this life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way the Great White Spirit, who is our true Father/Mother, loves us and wants us to be. We all contain the seed of perfection, but all we have to do is give of the best we are capable of. Doing this in all situations, we gradually bring forth ever more of our Divine qualities from within the very core of our own being.

    Wherever we may find ourselves, we are always in the right spot and at the right time. We are there so that we can do our share of making our planet a better, happier, more peaceful and beautiful place for all its inhabitants. And each one of us was created to fulfil one specific task on the Earth plane, some kind of a job that can only be carried out by us and which is rightfully ours. To find it, it is essential that we follow the inner guidance of our natural inclinations. We need learn to dream our own dreams and to pursue them, not those of others, no matter how dear they may be to us, even parents or grandparents.

    From ‘You Are Special’

    With love and light,
  4. Ihatemyselfalot

    Ihatemyselfalot Banned Member

    Nice, sounds like something out of the millions of self help books out there.

    And you can leave your creator bullshit in your books too.
    You believe because you are like me, you are desperate to have your life mean something, so you deluded yourself into thinking that there is a creator.

    Delete your post please.

    Seriously or I will report it, I don't like you or what you wrote, please don't make me hate you, because at this point of my life, hating you isn't going to be hard.

    Remove your post please, I don't want it here and I disagree and just reading it makes me angry.

    For the last time, remove your post.
  5. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    DUDE! dude,fucken dude!..dude.

    You are going to have to learn how to cope with women...and then pass on the secret to me. ;)

    Seriously though my man,being a gay does not work,it does not insulate you at all,i know this because i used to be such a gay.Gays spend a lot of time denying that they find the opposite sex attractive.That's why they get so political and surly/broadcasty about their chosen genitalia choce.
    Then the less sado oriented part of the brain takes over and you find yourself slipping into bisexuality.Unless you fight it and becomes a giant loud mega gay in order to overcompensate.
    Denying women,facepalming their power and allure,kidding yourself that they are not THE major force on this planet is not going to stop you craving their company.The same goes for lesbians and men.

    I'm not saying being screwed by another guy is not major fun,it's pretty damn good,but it is just no replacement for being with a woman.None at all.

    Don't make another bad choice.If you hate your job,then you are going to end up hating your boyfriend.The guy-guy dynamic does not work if you still see closeness and warmth emanating from women then you will end up secretly wanting them again.Do you want a tiring job of a love on top of your tiring job of a job?

    Or you could solve all your problems by becoming a male prostitute.

    At least that way when you are older you will have saved up enough money to be able to treat hot women badly and get away with it.
  6. Ihatemyselfalot

    Ihatemyselfalot Banned Member

    Erm.... okay...
  7. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Um what the fuck NoMoneyToPlease?

    Yea I'm gay because I'm insecure about being attracted to the opposite sex. Um...no. I'm gay because I like my own gender, was born that way and you're gonna have to live with that fact for the rest of your life.

    You have some fucking MASSIVE problems mate....are you one of those ex-gay wankers that say they used to be gay? Well you're either gay or you aren't.

    Why the hell would I hate my boyfriend(I don't have one, but either way...)? Like fuck, THE ONLY REASON HE WOULD BE MY BOYFRIEND IS BECAUSE I LOVE HIM YEAH? If you're smart, you'd be with someone that makes you happy and vice versa.

    Retards like you were left back in the 1400's along with their minimal brain capacity.

    Anyway, Ihatemyselfalot, even if you were gay there are still a lot of gay guys out there that are shallow or 'skanks' as you call them. Have you ever tried internet dating? Yea I know, it can be seriously shit at times because everyone tends to be the exact opposite of who they are, but it might be worth a go?
  8. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member


    Dear LongRoad95,I am not going to have to live with any fact for the rest of my life,I suffer from severe memory recall problems so your wish is not your command.

    Also puppy.I am not ex-gay,there is no such thing as ex-gay.
    Such thinking would need for their to be a "pre-gay".
    Silly brain. :rolleyes:

    And oh-my-gawd,you poster child for confusion,get over yourself sweet cheeks,like a hurdle baby.
    I was not even talking to you about being bored(or otherwise) with your ball bearing beaus butt baps and bingo ring.
    Was I....chimney tits?

    Plus.I am surprised you only flung me back to the 1400's and not right back to the caveman era...but then again you were probably in the act of doing so when some overstuffed and under concealed renaissance codpiece caught your eye.Thus relegating your efforts to the status of a resounding "mission fail".



    You are biseuxally erasuring yourself IMHO.
    There is no "either or" in the real world,only a little bit of what you fancy.....tee hee hee!

    purr purr
  9. victor

    victor Account Closed

    lol thank u. i just woke up and i was about to chose (subliminally that is) to fuck up my day again n go on with thoughs of Amina or not. what can i say? THANK U, i needed that badly
    how can u possibly be upset when u start the day with reading bout 'giant loud mega gay' and 'being screwed by othey guy is a major fun', and becoming a male prostitute (that could actually qualify for 'idea of the year' competition) - how can u be upset? its impossible:D and im not being sarcastic - i swear the God - nomoney, u made my day:D
  10. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Well you seemed to mention:

    Creating the idea that you were 'ex-gay'. Don't worry, I can assure you there's no such thing in being ex-gay, only someone that's in denial.

    The majority of this sentence is completely incoherent, and I don't recall mentioning anything to do with 'being bored', :blink:.

    I'm assuming the 4th word is ment to be 'reassuring'. I have no attraction towards women, only men.

    You seem to think that gay people are in denial about being straight, LOL:

    If they are gay to begin with they don't have an attraction to the opposite sex, I thought that was farely clear in the definition of 'homosexuality'. And if you find both women and men attractive you are Bisexual? Yes? Yes.

    I am confused as to whether you are gay, bisexual or straight. The line seems to blur an awful lot in what you say.
  11. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    1-Yes,I used the term "such a gay" to describe my past self,now i am "not so much" a gay.
    I was not claiming to be an "ex-gay",only claiming to be beyond perceiving myself as purely gay.Sadly the word "gay" has to be used whilst explaining a choice of sexual partner.
    Especially if that choice of partner happens to be a member of the same sex.
    I didn't write the rules on this one.

    2-I was being intentionally incoherent in order to counteract your being offended by me assuming that you were bored with the boyfriend you don't even have...who you love dearly.According to you.

    3-The "4th word",as you call it Mr number pants,LOL!.Is meant to be erasure.As in "bisexual erasure".
    Bisexual erasure is practiced by gays and straights alike,it is a leading cause of depression amongst bisexuals.
    I think both gays and straights exist in a state of denial in regards to their propensity towards bisexuality.
    I also think that you are attempting to coast by on a flabby pro-gay argument that works like a charm against those who wish to comfort themselves by using gays to easily reaffirm their desired label of "Heterosexual".
    You said "And if you find both women and men attractive you are Bisexual? Yes? Yes."...not so my friend.You could be a bisexual in denial,struggling to fool yourself and the world into thinking you are gay.

    Do not claim to be confused.
    From my standpoint there is no "gay" or "straight".I only use these terms to try and get my point over to people like yourself that put so much stock in the term and play act so poorly about the concept of finding both sexes attractive.
    I did not invent the term "Bisexual" either.I think it just as stupid as calling oneself "gay" or "straight",but sadly its use needed to explain human behaviour to a human who behaves like a polisexualist.
    Your dick is not a flag.
    You do not need to plant it and claim a victory for your side.
  12. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    If you mean my post with the above, I am sorry I can't oblige because it's impossible to delete messages - otherwise I would oblige, of course I would. If my message disturbs you so much, I offer my most sincere apologies and suggest that you get in touch with the admin people and ask them to remove it.

    With kind regards,