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nice and complicated...


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ok, so... its so... long
there is this dude i know named amir. i know him online, and have never met him in person.
however, i have been talking to him for MANY years. 6 years, to be exact.
im thinking about going to see him. i really really really like this guy. weve been texting, calling, im'ing, camming pretty much ever since we met. but the thing is... he won't reply to me. or at least, i feel like he wont. but when he does i feel SO good about myself. i feel so beautiful. i feel like he cares.
and it just sucks because idk what to do. idk what to think

i dont know.
i just need help... should i go see him??? but he wont even reply to me probably like half the time. he is usually better with texts, but i dont text him that much because i dont want to seem clingy. cause ive never met him.
how much is too much?
am i expecting too much?
i just feel so confused :sigh:
Well Steff.
I am not sure, but maybe you have answered your own thoughts here.
You say he often doesnt answer, you are afraid of feeling clingy?
We all want to be loved, especially by that special someone.
Wanting it is one thing, it actually ocurring another.
Love is random, the feelings you are getting in cyber world may well be very different to those in real life.
Only then can you know.
If you can be safe and meet him, then why not?
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
The important thing is not to expect the faitytale.
Go with an open heart and mind, be yourself.
If you both do this, nature will take its course.


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The thing you need to be most careful of are his intentions. Make sure that if you do go and see him that you will be safe, and have somewhere safe to stay. He may seem like a lovely, perfect gentleman in your mind, but the reality may be entirely different.

As for the rest.. why don't you talk to him? Have you actually discussed meeting up with him or is this just an idea that's formed in your mind? You need to be sure he is willing to meet first, before you even consider making plans to visit. I was actually in a very similar situation myself not too long ago where I wanted to meet up with an online friend of five years for the first time, but like it is for you, he barely replied half the time and didn't seem all that interested in me.

At the end of the day, if you're both willing to meet up and you can ensure your safety, then there's no harm done. My advice would be to discuss this with him and see what he thinks first. The last thing you want to do is just turn up on his door step unannounced.


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he definitely wants to meet. he has been asking me since we first started talking. so yeah. lol

thanks for the advice you guys.
its helping me a lot. im gonna go, why not??

im just like... if you want me to come and you have been asking me for years, why wont you answer?! i keep on tryiong to get a hold of him to check to see that the dates are ok!!!! ugh. silly boy :sigh:


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i know what i was trying to get across:
im worried that if i go there... he is gonna do the same thing. just ignore me. and idk if i can cope with that =/ :(

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