Nice to meet you. Not sure how long I can stay, the men in white are at the door.

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Gray, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Gray

    Gray Member

    Hi. My names Matthew, you can call me Gray if you don’t like using names. I don’t really know how to introduce myself.

    Well it's nice to finally post on here. I have been reading a few posts here on and off for the last year or two but could never bring myself to talking. Well I've done one post but it was more of just an illegible vent from a nervous break down. I really admire some of the people I’ve seen on here, especially the moderators, there pretty impressive to help take on the problems of so many others. I’m glad I was finally able to work up the nerve to meet you all. I’m going to post some of my life in Vent section, since not everyone would like to hear what I have to say and there’s not a life story section. But I will say here that I’ve had a bad life and it gives me a little hope that there’s a place where some other people know what it’s like.
  2. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    glad to see you finally got the nerve and time to post. there are wonderful people here. to many to mention. take care and be safe.
  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Welcome :) I think you're right about a life story section. It would be nice to be able to refer people to such posts without nededing to repeatedly explain oneself!
  4. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF
  5. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    good on ya for making the move
    no need to be shy :)
  6. RunningAway

    RunningAway Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF :)
  7. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    Hello and :welcome:to SF i look forward to seeng you around the site :smile:
  8. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    :welcome: hun :biggrin:
  9. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Hey Matthew, glad you joined us :biggrin: :hug:
  10. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

  11. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am glad you finally worked up the courage to post and let us know you were here.Take care and stay safe. :hug:
  12. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF :smile:
  13. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum sir
  14. Darkness N Light

    Darkness N Light Staff Alumni

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I am glad that you decided to post. If you ever need to talk feel free to send me a pm and I will get back to you as soon as I get it. I am sorry that you have had a rough life. I hope that you find all of the support and friends here that you can handle. Take care and I love you. :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :cheekkiss

    With Love,
    Crystal :hug: :cheekkiss
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