Night worker's syndrome...

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Doesn't it suck that the worst time to be alone is when you get out of work on sencond shift??? Here I sit...2:10 a.m....still haven't cleared my head, and can't sleep. Being alone only stirs that pot.


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Makes it hard to know when youre supposed to eat too. If you like your job, try finding other 2nd-3rd shifters to socialize with.

When I was on third shift, not only was it lonely, but I lost 20 pounds.


night shifts suck,been doing them for as long as i can remember.and i hate being white in the summer when everyone else is tanned!!:mellow:
Yeah I work Nights. The worse thing is your tired all the time. When I got promoted I had to start swapping shifts so my body clock is reall messed up.


I work graveyard shift at a psych hospital, what I miss most is being part of the human race, It gets to the point that Im so lonely that I will go malling just to be around people, even if I have to wake up at noon and go for an hour or so and then sleep some more.

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I worked evenings and nights. Started using alcohol to sleep but only slept 5 hrs. with that. I also became dependent on it so I would never go that way again.
I have alot of trouble sleeping. I've tried alcohol and it works sometimes. I remember sexual exhaustion was the best way though.... it doesn't work though when I'm doing it solo for some reason though.
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