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  1. oval

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    I'm in high school again. The class wants to take a trip to Germany (i went to school in Germany so I guess in my dream I go to school in the US).
    I go to the airport alone and am the only one there. The rest of the class is no where to be seen.
    Icant find the gate and the direction signs are very confusing. I barely make it there in time and next thing I know is that I'm at the train station at the frankfurt airport.
    I get on the train although I don't have any german money and can't buy a ticket. For some reason I can't speak german and I'm disoriented and don't know how to get to my childhood home. Since I can't speak German no one understand me and can help me. So I look at the map at the ceiling. All of a sudden, a bunch of trees shoot out of the ground and a man that looks a little like marylin Manson peeks out of the shadow of the trees, he has shoulder long, straight, black, shiney hair, very pale skin, it almost looks like he has clown makeup on. He has a big grin on his face and looks diabolical.
    As he moves his face towards me he says, "hello monster". He repeats this, moving back in and out of the shadow.
    He disgusts me and every time he moves in and out of the shadow he seems to be coming closer to me and scares me to death. I don't want him to touch me, he is concentrated evil. No one on the train seems to notice what's going on though, no one reacts at all.
    I start throwing things at him although I'm extremely weak and can barely lift the things I throw, not to mention that they don't harm him at all. I throw chairs (specifically the ones I used to have in school with sharp edges and don't ask me where they come from since im on a train) and bananas (???). He grabs every banana I throw at him and gulps it down like an animal that hasn't eaten in a while.
    I finally grab a pair of scissors and attack him with them. I stab him in the head multiple times, I even move them around and feel his brain moving. It doesn't kill him or harm him thought, he just looks up at me and laughs at me. And I suddenly realize that I am now in his reach and he is about to get me. And thats when I wake up :mellow:
  2. oval

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    I guess I'm gonna make this my nightmare journey now or something.

    I'm in an attic in the 17th-18th centuary. It's very dark and dusty,, there are brick walls and a dark wooden floor.
    I'm more the observer, I'm there but I'm not, it's as if I was watching a movie. Everything happens rpvery fast, it switched from one scene quickly to the next.
    We see a young woman, maybe 20 years old, and her father. They both wear black, the woman a dress and the man a suit. They both have shoulder long black, curly hair. The woman is being very playful, singing a song about how much she loves her father like a little girl. He keeps a straight face and without laying an eye on her he walks by her saying "you are nothing but a ghost to me".
    Everything is very abrupt now. We see the girls face, her eyes wide open, she is in shock.
    she is in the floor rocking back and forth as if she was out of her mind. Apparently what she desperately needs is the love and attention from her father.
    The whole thing shifts, we know learn that the girl is actually dead. We see the father in his under wear, he is crying, walking around restlessly and then sitting down with his head in his hands. He can't accept the death of his daughter so he keeps her decomposing and rotting body in a crib. He kisses her head and puts a bucket with chalk in the crib.
    Meanwhile the girl doesnt know she is dead. She has her eyes wide open and stares into space. Her face is dirty and decomposing. As her father steps away from her crib she begins to sing a song about what she wants to be when she grows up.
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