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  1. saint6

    saint6 Well-Known Member

    i rarely have nightmares, but i had one recently. if anyone has any ideas what it means be glad to speak up.

    well i cant remember all of it but here it goes......
    i was at my house with my family, we all decided to go out and do something, i cant remember what it was, we were walking down the road when i forgot something back at the house, cant remember what it was, so i ran back. i opened the door and i felt a force on the other side once i opened it and it was a person (but it was just the black figure of a person), and he was grabbing me trying to force me down to my basement and i was freaking out. then i woke up when we got close to the bottom steps. i knew that he was going to kill me once at the bottom. i was scared shit less when i woke up.

    i think that it means like me being alone will kill me. or i will kill myself. like i was with my family and i was happy and whatnot and when i went back to get something that i actually went back to kill myself, like the black figure was the dark side of myself taking over. cause in real life when im around my family im usually kinda happy but at night when i sit in my room or im alone i hate just about everything.... idk thats just my thoughts.
  2. pinkpetals33

    pinkpetals33 Well-Known Member

    Interesting and symbolic.

    I would agree with you. The black figure is your shadow. It's a very good thing to wake up before the actual death takes place......
  3. saint6

    saint6 Well-Known Member

    had another dream dealing with this "black figure" last night. woke up freaked out once again.

    had kinda the same scenario with me being like kidnapped and shit.

    cant remember the beginning of the dream. but i remember i went to bed in my dream then my mom came into my room in the morning and tried to wake me up, but she was crying and was telling me that she couldnt wake me up even tho i was awake sitting in my bed looking at her. she was talking straight to me also and i was like "what do you mean you cant wake me up?" then she was like "cause your not actually here, youre gone." i was like wtf? and then i was being dragged somewhere by this black figure again. he was dragging me through the woods, it was weird cause i was then thinking "shit they lost me" and then this figure was trying to cram me into this wooden crate in the woods and i was just thinking how i would never be found and just be there dead forever. but as he was putting me in there my mind told me it was a dream and to open my eyes so i did and i was awake in my bed. it was weird cause it felt so fucking real. felt like this figure was in my room just staring at me.

    i hope i dont have more of these....:sad:
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