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    I had a dream last night that my mother chose assisted suicide, and I woke up really disturbed, its as though I can never escape from the idea of death whether asleep or awake... And the dream was really vivid, and I could see she was panicking and suffering through her death, and it was really upsetting... ugh. I always have these awful, vivid dreams that have a profound effect on my mood upon waking. I wish there was something I could do to stop it, but I have a feeling my dreams follow the same patterns that my thoughts do during the day, and I'm always worrying, thinking about suffering and death, its awful really.. and there is no escape.

    :-/ There's no point to this post other than I wanted to get it out of my system because its really been bothering me for some reason. Unless of course you guys have any advice for lessened the impact/occurrence of nightmares, because I have quite a problem with them!
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    If your dreams are vivid, you could be asked to be put on clonidine which prevents you from remembering dreams. I take it because I have had a recurring dream since April. So it might help you.
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    I am sorry you are suffering through these dreams right now, I have been in the same position in the past and it is horrible. Although one day I read something regarding nightmares that changed my opinion somewhat. The article stated that nightmares and dreams in general are our minds way of playing out feelings and thoughts that we may have been too scared or just unable to express in our lives, so it is our minds way of dealing with them. Whether you believe that or not, it brings up an interesting point, what are your thoughts on your mother dieing?

    Many times I have gone through the horror of a dream with my mother being in an accident or dieing, and the thoughts have plagued me also ever since I witnessed her in a bad accident. I finally had to come to terms with the fact that one day she will die. It may be very painful, or it may be completely peaceful and serene. I had to come to terms with what I believe will happen when she passes also. Is there life after death? I have my own feelings on this which has given me some solace, and I hope you can find a way to find peace with this also. I am always here if you want to talk :hug:
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    i have vivid dreams aswel .. i dream that ppl kill me quite alot and its really scary :unsure:
    i know what u mean about waking up and having 2 think .. ''ookkk that didnt happen''
    i think iv started having them more because of the tablets im on .. r u on any ? it could be a side affect..
    all the best :hug: