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Nightmares for a week

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I am going through a difficult path in life where there is major change in terms of the direction of my future and I am drown in a financial crisis I can never solve. I was crying almost all day for about 3 weeks, with suicidal thoughts and felt really lost, empty, guilty. A few days after the 'storm', I felt a little bit more calm but still I know I am left with all those problems. Then, I started getting nightmares for a week and would wake up in horror. All the bad events in my life manifested in my dreams, each day a different one. At this time, in the morning, I wasn't thinking or ruminating about these sad and distressing events and was happy somewhat but these nightmares crept onto me at night, often waking me up, feeling so lost, confused and upset. Never in my life have I had a string of nightmares that are so closely linked to real life events before, one after another for a week, and I don't know what sparked that. Anyone felt this before?


Guardian of the Human Spirit
I kept having vivid dreams. Today, I had two. One was about me not knowing what to do with my life but my parents was expecting me to be okay, expecting me to lead a life where I can pay for my own expenses. The next one was so weird, it was about a guy who sent me pictures of his visits in Japan, it was a festival, phtotos of his kawaii girlfriend; bob haircut, really cute, she was wearing denim shorts and a gingham of the shoulder blouse with a jacket tied around her waste with an ice-cream in cup in her hand, posing for the camera. I could see the festivities going on, the shows, the man with masks and robes dancing to Japanese traditional songs, little temple of worships for people to write their wishes and hope it comes true. Then he showed me another photo, it was a group of people taking a photograph and he told me his gf died in a plane crash together with all those people. I don't know the guy or the gf or anyone in the picture, I have never been to Japan, how can my mind make up such dreams. And then I woke up.
Sorry to hear that you are going through this Melby

there is major change in terms of the direction of my future and I am drown in a financial crisis
Do you want to say more about the change and the crisis?

how can my mind make up such dreams
I have weird, very detailed dreams too sometimes. My guess is that mind is simply able to create stories from some kind of random background static.

I kept having vivid dreams
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, vivid dreams are a treatable medical condition.
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