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Just to back up the OP, I've read quite a bit about dreams and much of the causes are backed up by Freuds, "Interpretation of Dreams" among other source material.

As to god's involvement, no doubt if you are a believer, prayer cannot hurt as it is very possibly a means of relieving stress, which is part of the OP's causes.
i sometimes dream of self mutilation , its kinda like im playing mario with infinite livesas soon as one gone i respawn , or i dont dream at all i always wake up tied though :l
Has anyone dreamt of a talking snake or a big giant red monstrous chicken?
The snake in my dream tried to bite me but I managed to stop it and it said "I am the enemy" it was the most horrible nightmare I've ever had... The chicken was a different one but it is rather funny than scary... Both of these only happened once but they were the most intriguing to say the least...
What if it's a recurring nightmare of an event that hadn't happened yet, but stopped shortly after that event happened? Cos the actually happened to me. Nor did I know the event was coming... Wish it never had..


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One thing that worked for me to grab a better understanding of my nightmare was to buy a dream dictionnary. its really helpful i find.
That happens to me alot to and then a couple times i woke up screaming but i did not no i was awake or even sitting up which makes no sence to me i guess it was like sleep waking but not moving and instead screaming!
Only waking up after one of the devils poked me or started talking really loud near these ears!
My husband, love of my life and soul mate, died of a heart attack at 43 not too long ago. I keep dreaming the same nightmare every night...I am looking and looking for him and yelling his name and I can hear his voice but I can't find him...his voice keeps getting farther and farther away and then I wake up a sobbing mess feeling like he just died all over again. I am so tired - but afraid to sleep.


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POINTLESSWORDS, I've had a screamer or two in my slew of dreams over the years. Eventually woke myself up (and the rest of the house). I found those kinds of dreams happened to me when I was ultra-stressed. Getting away from the sources of stress or finding good stress-relievers helped to slow down that kind of dream for me.

name_unknown_anymore, I'm very sorry for your loss. Sounds like you are dealing with some of your grief while you are sleeping. Grief is a process and it will take some time. I'm glad you posted here. Keep posting if you feel like sharing. :hug:
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Good post; thanks. I get nightmares a lot; one or two most nights. Sometimes it even gets to the point that I'm scared to go to sleep, which makes me tired and stressed and only makes them worse, I think...

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Keep on having these strange nightmares.

It's never the same, but... I'm always with people. People I love for some reason.

Nothing bad really happens... but... it just feels bad, wrong, like this is not right or the way things should be.

I guess I'll just brush it off. It's probably good that im ignorant to the monstrosities behind the curtains.
When Ines younger I dreamt of flying- and I knew I was asleep-so I could control my dream in a way. I can sometimes do that now. The chasing nightmares stopped when I decided to stop running and turn around and face whatever it was.
Now my dreams are confusing - I'm afraid of heights so can't fly- and the people in my life say I'm worthless guilty no good and generally scenarios which are very distressing/disturbing.
Sometimes I'm awake and can't move and the nightmare pulls me back in. Sometimes I think I'm awake getting ready for work and over and over again it's not it's a dream. Sometimes it's like a film or something exciting. And sometimes it's almost like the future- or colours and auras, and always music in the background.
The worst ones are where I wake up sweating with severe guilt about something I can't remember -or dreams of the babies I lost- older and blaming me for their deaths.
Not nice. More flying film type dreams please.


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I was getting some wicked ones and started taking this minipress med... it hasn't been long but god it seems to be terribly effective for me. No nightmares since I started it.


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I have had way too many. Had them every night for 16 years from medication I was on. Still have them sometimes. Last night I was Opie and Andy Griffith was scolding me for smoking pot and trying to sleep with girls and get on welfare in Mayberry, and he beat me up. Not too bad but weird and unpleasant.

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