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  1. Deb0820

    Deb0820 New Member

    How do you stop the nightmares of your rape? I haven't been able to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time because of them. I am severely sleep deprived and am so afraid to go to sleep. I have called the psychiatrist and have been placed on Zoloft and Klonopin, but I seem to be more on edge than less. I have begun to think of suicide as an option to stop all this from happening. I have never felt this way before. I feel so weak emotionally and cry most of the time. Please someone, any good suggestions on finding the sleep and peace of mind that I desperately need! Thank you all so much!
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Have you got councilling for you rape hun Do you see a therapist if not perhaps you should talking to someone helps hun It also takes meds time to kick in almost 6 weeks so hopefully soon the anxiety will stop and the nightmares will lessen
  3. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    hey, i've also had trouble with nightmares and sleeping in general, had a time in my life when i cud only go to sleep after sunrise [i cud only sleep knowing it was light outside throughout when i was sleeping, also so i wudn't wake up in the middle of the night cuz of a nightmare, all scared, and it's pitch black outside. not so nice.]. what i've found helpful is either putting on calming music [pretty silently, so it still allows you to sleep], or what i just tried yesteryday actually, putting on rain/thunder sounds on youtube [here's a link of one i especially liked , it's the sounds of a thunderstorm hitting a window, like there's actually raindrops hitting your window, really calming]. ofcuz this doesn't deal with the 'why' of you having nightmares and being inable to sleep, but i guess it might help you get some of the rest you need at least. also, leaving on a night light or sth might help as well [i've used christmas lights for example, they kinda create this subtle glow in your room, and it's not totally dark anymore].
    hope you're gonna do better soon, feel free to talk to people here [since i'm assuming you're new to this forum?] and rant whenever you might need to, or private message me or someone else you might feel comfortable with to get the support you deserve.
    take care,
  4. Deb0820

    Deb0820 New Member

    Thank you so much for the replies, total eclipse and truthhurts. It is very kind of you to offer your suggestions. Yes, I am very new to this forum and am still very timid about talking about my issues. It is getting very scary though, not being able to control my emotions and thoughts.
    I have been to a therapist that uses the prolonged exposure dynamic for therapy and it frightened me so badly that my symptoms have increased to the point of suicidal thoughts. When I told the therapist that I did not want therapy anymore because of this, he became upset with me...almost patronizingly and told me that my flashbacks and nightmares would become worse and that I wouldn't be able to go back to work without the therapy. It almost sounded like he was threatening me. (I know this is probably only my perception since I am very sensitive to this type of communication) I don't know where to go from here.
    I do love to hear rain and thunder and also the ocean. I will try this for some soothing noise.
  5. truthhurts

    truthhurts Well-Known Member

    it's okay, you don't 'have to' be ready to talk about much straight off, these things usually take time to get accustomed to. also, if the therapy is having rather a negative than positive effect, maybe taking things 'slower' might help? i'm not too knowledgeable on the subject of treating PTSD tho, so that's just what came to mind, this obviously isn't professional advice. i do believe you shud consider your well-being to be of the utmost priority here, so do what you feel is best for you. meaning, if you can't come to terms with this therapist, maybe finding a new one would be the best solution. from personal experience, i went through a number of psychologists [3 if i remember correctly], within whom nobody really understood what was 'wrong' with me [even though i explained it to them in quite some detail, they just hadn't treated patients like this, and didn't rly understand why the whole concept is a problem for me]. the only one who i actually 'clicked with' was a psychiatrist, who was the only one who didn't really brood on trying to understand my reasoning for himself, but more like tried to understand what i might feel like, and offered some logical explanations considering physiology [since psychiatrists have a medical background]. well, main point being, it might take time and a few to several different therapists to go through until you find one that works for you and helps you. i can relate to the emotions and thoughts part in some way, since i have a problem with numbness that i do want to break but also don't, if that makes sense. in a way it feels easier not to feel, so to say. i hope this helps a bit, and remember, the therapists are there to help you, so if they don't, you're not obligated to go to them, that's not disloyal of you. this doesn't mean that your current therapist is necessarily 'bad', it just means they're not good for you personally.
    hang in there~
  6. Deb0820

    Deb0820 New Member

    Thank you for your encouragement and insight. The psychiatrist did tell me that he wanted the therapist to revert back to supportive therapy for a while instead of doing the exposure therapy because of my symptoms. Hopefully he will listen to the doc and do this. If not I guess I will need to get the phone book out again and find another therapist that can give me the support that I need right now.
  7. Mayflower7

    Mayflower7 Banned Member

    Hi Deb0820,
    I am so sorry this happened to you, I find leaving the light on really helps and with sunrise as well. I sleep in the day, I have even left my iPad on for the light. I can't get counselling, you should never feel worse with therapy. Good your Dr has advised going back to supportive therapy. A female therapist may be more helpful, I hope you start to heal.
    Do things you enjoy doing and spoil yourself right now, I hope you are getting lots of support. It will get easier for you.
    Please don't hurt yourself, this wasn't your fault.
    Take care
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