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    i've been having nightmares for 2 months now ... they really are pushing me further to the edge of a breakdown!
    they get more gruesome each night and just won't go away,
    there about me having all kinds of stuff done to me and then me cutting every single piece of my body and then slowing dieing fron blood loss.
    whats worse is that it's almost as it's real , it's happening when it isn't.
    i can also feel the pain as i dream of myself cutting.. thats what triggers me to actually si'ing.
    i've told my therapist and friend i'm having them but not about what they are of... and i swear to god if i dont i'll totally crash to rock bottom.

    i go to tell them but back out ><

    i'm a mess ...
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    I know how terrible nightmares can be. When my friend hung himself I was a mess (after I did the whole denial, avoidance thing :dry: ). I started having nightmares almost every night, reliving the moment I found out over and over again, and actually seeing him hang from the tree branch. He would say things, the things he said eventually led to me being able to confront my problems. They always seemed so real and so painful, and they affected my entire day.

    I also used to suffer from night terrors as a child, which is like sleep walking but with a nightmare. I don't remember them, but I do remember the distress I felt because of them.

    I would suggest just speaking about your nightmres more openly with your therapist and maybe your friend. Try to remember which parts seemed most significant, sometimes there might be something that seems like a minor detail of your nightmare, but it sort of stands out to you. I know I might not be much of a help, but just hang in there, there may be relief, there was for me.