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    Basically, since I was about 8, I've been having nightmares every night, with the occasional time where I might get a peaceful nights sleep. I'm now 18, and it's still happening, and most of the time it's the same 4, 2 of which are memories, 1 of which is random, and one of which is a fear.

    1. When I was 8, I saw someone commit suicide, they jumped off the 11th floor balcony in the Block of flats I lived in. There was a grassy area next to it in which I played in alot, mother didn't mind as she could see me from the window if she needed... plus she's never cared that much really, but that's ok. This woman though... I saw her all over the floor... it's one of the worst sites I've had, and I see this in a reoccuring nightmare, as it happened, except I'm always my current age. So If I were to have it tonight, I'd be 18 instead of 8. That's when the nightmares started.

    2.My dad left before I was born, and my mum went through alot of boyfriends on my upbringing... but one of them was physically abusive towards my mother and I. This was before I was 8, but only started occuring in nightmares after the above nightmare. It's always the same memory, he tries to break my mothers arm, so I start screaming, then I get thrown against a wall, however, in the nightmare, he walks towards me and beats on me alot more than what he really did, and it scares the crap out of me.

    3.I'm just walking down an endless road, and it leads nowhere. It's just an endless walk, but then it gets really dark all of a sudden, and theirs people around me and I'm jumped straight to watching my own funeral. This is random and for some reason, scares me, shakes me up a lil bit.

    4.I'm lying on a sofa with someone lying with me, and we are just talking and she's smiling. She's happy. I look away for a second and she stops talking, and when I look back... all I see if blood and cuts and slices, and she's so pale... so lifeless... she's just staring and the smile is gone. All I do is look away for a second, literally, and then I look back and she's dead. There's no signs of any objects or weapons, no one else in the room.... it just happens like that. This is the one that scares me more than anything, because I don't want to lose her, and I have this nightmare more than any of the others now.

    Just needed to tell someone these nightmares... get it off my system a little. One of my best friends got some information for me to help me out with them, but I'm hoping having spoken about them, things might get a little better. If anyone has been in the same sort of position and has any advice, I welcome it... Thanx.
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    I have nightmares, too.
    I also have very apocolyptic dreams, but I can't call them nightmares since I love them :/

    Tell me about your bad dreams if you ever have them <3
    I am so sorry you saw what you saw *long hug*
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    hiya red,

    your nightmeres sound so horrible, they must be realy traumatising for you.

    i cannot say i know exactly how you feel but ive had nightmeres, and posted about them here,,

    they grow and twist and change with me too. getting worse as he gets closer,,

    i havent found anyway of stemming them yet,, id rather have a recurring Zombie nightmere than cinema guy i can tell you!!