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    I just had one where I a giant explosion would kill me an my family, and then we would all be alive again and I would be the only one left knowing that it happened, and that it will happen again. So it is my job to tell my parents that we all are going to die because a bomb is going to go off. I could feel the bomb going off like I could count the seconds off, and 3, 2, 1, and I saw the explosion and then me my mom and father would be dead. Then again all back to normal with me again the only one knowing what had happened and that it will happen again, and with me the one having to tell my parents that we are going to die. That feeling where you come together with your parents because you are all going to die is a very powerfull one.

    I gett nightmares now because I od ed. I get these feelings were it feels like I'm going to die.

    I can hear people telling me their stories I can 'hear' people praying and telling me that they are loosing a loved one to cancer, I heard 'carol' is dying. I'm a scizophrenic.

    One time I 'heard' my neighbour saying 'poor Marien', and then the next day I read in the paper about Marien, a girl here in Toronto that got kidnaped, and can't be found. I know you all think I'm crazy. I do belive in Jesus, and I do belive that I'm psychic, and that I heard this person saying that "I'm loosing Carol", meaning she is going to die of cancer.

    IF YOU WANT TO GO TO HELL THEN OD. your choice.

    God bless.
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