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  1. Aka

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    I rarely sleep and when I do it's only a few hours at a time. Recently whenever I do manage to sleep I keep getting these terrible nightmares. I know this is gonna sound silly but I have a terrible, crippling fear of zombies (kinemortophobia I think it's called) and every time I fall asleep I have horrible nightmares about them.
    Last night I dreamt that I was working in a lab (I wanna be a scientist when I'm older so that's pretty normal.) and they broke though all the windows and tore all of my friends and collegues apart. I had to climb down the side of the building to just to escape. The other night they killed all of my little brother's friends at his 6th birthday party before coming after me. Other times I've had to fight them off with my bare hands.
    It's really starting to bother me because it's making me dread sleep which is something I'm in desperate need of if I want to keep on top of my studies. Does anyone know what causes nightmares or if there's anything I can do to prevent them. I don't believe in those dream-catcher things so if anyone has any better suggestions I'd really appreciate hearing them~!
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    im obviously not a doctor so cant tell you why we have them but when i was little i used to have night terrors which are basically nightmares but much more realistic. i used to climb the walls in my sleep and scream! i was told to drink a lot of horlicks and clear my head before bed. to not read because it gets my imagination going. and to take the pills the prescribed me. go see your doctor. he should prescribe you something :) hope this helps
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