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  1. KJtheKilljoy

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    My meds used to ensure that I didnt have nightmares or at least ensured that I didnt remember any. But now they are back with a vengance. Every morning I wake up from nightmares about my brother and D/G a family friend did. I can still feel them and its driving me to cutting again. I dont know what to do. And I have to go to brunch with my uncle tomorrow and he works in mental health and he is very perceptive about when im ok and when im not. My mental health is something my family does not talk. It was a rough few years when people first figured out i was sick, i was in and out of foster care and hospital and so i was never able to talk to my parents about mental health stuff. Ive been back with my parents for about six years now and in all that time me and my family have never spoken about my mental health stuff. I dont want my uncle to say anything to my parents because we have a good relationship at the moment and i dont want that disrupted by mental health again. My parents didnt even believe me when i told them that my brother raped me so i dont trust them when it comes to mental health stuff. I dont know what to do. I cant go back to hospital not when it will bring up everything to do with my brother and im not ready to deal with that and everything it will bring up for my family.
  2. total eclipse

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    I am sorry your family is like that hun but better to talk to your doctor okay and see if your medication needs to be changed a bit. Perhaps your tolerance to the medication has increased so a higher dose is necessary. If your uncle ask how you are doing just let him know your nightmares are increasing some but will talk to your doctor about it and leave it at t hat hugs
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    Night mares are from unconscious and subconscious.The events which usually happens in your life and you r way of thinking finally becomes your dream and night mares.Some time the dream can be indication of a future event as well but such a dreams are seen by very few and good people.
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    hi killjoy.. nightmare sometimes haunt me also.. childhood was terrible and that was about 50 yrs ago.. see you are from new zealand.. what has helped me is therapy with a trained therapist.. is it possible that you can do that in the living and \where you are living situation??? early years trauma most times just not go away on it's own.. i hope your brother and D/G are not in your life very much now..part of recovery is knowing that the abuse is over now and realizing you are safe now. sorry your parents are not able to understand and face your mental health issues.. this is not helping you..
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