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    I had that same nightmare about my twin again.

    I'm scared sitting in a dim room. To my right is a glass door that is covered by a white sheet I know its locked from the outside . Moon light streaming through creating long shadows in the dark room. Just a short distance in front of me is a man. I just see his silhouette. His outline looks marred, like his ears been chewed or something. He doesn't say a word he just breathes heavily. Then there's a voice in the back of my mind, my twins voice or maybe my own... He's telling me not to look back. I'm about to look back. Then in the room above me something drops. It sounds like pebbles in a bag falling on carpet. Or someone trying to crawl away from a murderer. I look down to see the silhouette of the man closer to me. His breathing slowed down but the top right side of his head looks dented in. Suddenly, I'm not in that room anymore, I'm watching a bunch of images from an old fashion recorder. ( forgot what they were called.) It's images of my twin brother and I. Some picture of us when we were kids. Others of us yelling at each other. A couple with us in same clothes holding hands. Then it abruptly switches to pictures of my brothers death. Close up of his wounds, his broken bones. Then it freezes on his face his eyes still opened. Then I hear my brother screaming, so horrible and close. Like he's behind me. I turn to look back. Then I wake up.

    Since then I've seen my twin in shadows and reflections. I can feel his presence around me.
    I don't care if you think I'm crazy but I think my twin is haunting me..... Like, he's come back for me.
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    Re: Empath

    How terrifying for you i hope you have someone hun you can talk to about these nightmares a therapist to help you through all the emotions and fears you must be feeling hugs