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    nothing i do in life will ever amount to anything, life is so meaningless it is just a game. I see no point in playing a game that is so boring and that will never bring me happiness. Nothing anyone one does is important it will not matter in a million years or a million million years or a million million million years, why is life so monotonous? I am not angry at the world or the people or myself. I am angry at God or the lack of God.
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    What is happening in life that you feel this way?

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    my girlfriend think im a lazy jerk, but all i do is love her. Yesterday i went to her house brought her flowers and chocolate and a 2 page letter, and today i brought her some hot chocolate and a 4 page letter. However today she didnt even accept the letter she didn't want to read it, and no matter how hard i try to make her happy and show her i love her will let her know or appreciate me. She will just continue to think i am not doing enough for her when all i am for is her. I lost my friends and hobbies by being with her I regret none of it, but she used to take care of me and be so much more compassionate to me I just feel worthless and unappreciated.
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    Break up. And stop trying so hard.