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    Hey...I haven't posted anything new in a long time and to be honest I haven't been too well but here is a new poem I wrote...I hope you enjoy...


    Wallowing now I feel confined,
    All alone I must unwind.
    Throw away those wicked thoughts,
    Focus now my time has come.
    For all of those who left me here,
    To live a life free of fear.

    Falling down I am one,
    Underneath the forgotten sun.
    A place of darkness all alone,
    Tormented in hell on my own accord.
    The face of pain disappears,
    All too easy…time to fear.

    Nothing now, never more.
    I have gone to wombs of whores.
    Kill me slowly for I am none,
    Pain inflected but never felt.
    Wishing away those long lost years,
    Follow me now, I am none.

    Live inside my forlorn mind,
    All afraid sanctity is gone.
    I never will escape this fate,
    Torture me now for I have come.

    Live with me in this new day,
    Deceitful delights await your touch.
    Bring me down the demon eye,
    For I am blind, …I give up.
    Help me now in my time of need,
    Cold as ice…for I am none.

    For all is good as all is evil,
    A simple task for all the people.
    I never will forgive this life,
    Thus I am one I live a plight.
    Help me now for I am none…
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.