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  1. I thought this was a place of support but I got that one wrong. It seems to me that only certain people matter in this place and I'm certainly not one of them. My issues are of no importance to anyone on here you've made that clear. So noone will miss me if I stop coming on here or if in fact I kill myself. Thank you for your lack of support
  2. Scum.

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    I'm so sorry you feel that no one cares. I can relate a lot to that and know how awful you can feel when you feel that isolated and uncared for.

    I don't know you (obviously) and I haven't been around for a while so I don't know what has been going on for you or anyone on here. Do you want to say what is going on and what has led to you feeling so uncared for?

    This psot is a very blatant cry for some love and attention because if you didn't want people to care you would have toddled off. You want people to care and it clearly hurts that you feel they haven't.

    Have you reached out and asked for help? Have you tried talking to people and making friends? Have you tried helping people here? Have you stuck around long enough for people to get to know you?

    It can normally be more effective to say you need some love and care as opposed to ranting about how no one cares and then probably coming back to check the post to see if anyone cared enough to reply.

    Like I say, I know how hard it can feel to know no one cares (or to think no one cares), which is why I have responded. What do you think people could do to show they care?
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    Don't expect that this world of ours is a bed of roses , as you go along you will find that there are more rotten apples in a basket apples. And then you will be disappointed.

    And I may I suggest to add a spice to your life.Like change your SN to say
  4. Re: no one cares

    Just as I thought no one does cares
  5. Scum.

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    What did you want people to say/do to this post?

    On a side note, why you do think I and Boston replied?
  6. itmahanh

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    People here do care, it's what you do with that caring and support. That is up to you. For one try sharing what has brought you to your conclusion. I would guess it's just one or two people that have made you feel this way. There are way more good souls here than one or two that appear to not care.
  7. You say that people care on here but considering a lot of people have viewed only 3 people have answered so that just proves that nobody does care on here. All I've ever wanted is someone to talk to you but that doesn't happen. I reply to other people but who's there for me noone
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    sometimes you read a thread and unfortunately you cant think of something encouraging or helpful to say. sometimes you read a thread and it hurts you too much to reply because it reminds you too much of your own pain. it does not at all mean that no one cares.

    oh and by the way. this is not a competition where the more replies you get the better. i think we should all be grateful for each response we get. also, when 2 people reply and then to say no one cares is a bit disrespectful to those 2.
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    Thank you for saying that the three of us that replied are nobodies.

    By noting we replied and then saying no one cares, that means, by your terms, we are no ones.

    What did you actually want from this post? We don't even know who you are so its a bit hard for people to say they care when you are an anonymous person. At least people have replied, which, even if you refuse to see it, shows that people care.
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    The thing is, is that no one knows who you are, so we can't really say we care if we don't know who this is..
  11. So if you knew who I was would you want to know I don't think so I'm done with this so called supportive place its fine if you fit in but if you don't forget it
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    You're posting this saying that no-one cares, yet people have replied... You're posting that, because you don't believe you'd get support if people knew who you were, you're leaving...

    What's caused you to think you need to leave in the first place?
  13. Scum.

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    So, if no one had replied you would have ranted that no one cares. People have replied, and yet you have ranted that no one cares.

    That tells me that no matter what people do they can't do enough to please you and make you feel cared for. If you have thrown it back in peoples faces like you have thrown it back in all of ours then people won't show care because they end up feeling bad for trying.

    I think I know who you are, by the way, just from the fact that whenever this post is updated, a certain name appears online and then checks this thread when someone replies. If you are who I think you are then you don't have a high post count and you are still relatively new, so my advice is to stop throwing things back in peoples faces and get to know people. Play some games, talk to people, get to know them. The more people know you, the more people will care.
  14. Scum.

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    Oh, and I apologise if I am wrong about who I think you are.
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    I dont know who you are and it makes no difference to me. I try to help anyway I can. Take it or leave it. But if you choose to leave it, then please dont complain about the lack of support. If you want to take it then pm me and lets see what we can do. It's up to you hun.