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No Charity for White Men

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Whitewolf, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Your thoughts? If there are sufficient responses and if people express an interest, I will occasionally post how "racist" the world really is.


    From the article:

    "Students at an Ottawa university are pulling out of a Canada-wide fundraiser that provides close to $1 million a year for cystic fibrosis research and treatment, arguing that the disease "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men" — something experts say is untrue.
    The Carleton University Students Association voted Monday night overwhelmingly in favour of choosing a new charity to support during its orientation week in September, in lieu of Shinerama, which raises money for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

    Motion to drop Shinerama fundraising campaign from Orientation Week

    Whereas Orientation week strives to be inclusive as possible

    Whereas all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their diverse communities

    And whereas cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men

    Be it further resolved that: The CUSA representatives on the incoming Orientation Supervisory Board work to select a new broad reaching charity for orientation week.

    Source: CUSA

    The foundation funds research into cystic fibrosis, a fatal, genetic disease that affects both sexes with a similar frequency and is most common among Caucasians. The foundation also helps fund services for people with the disease. It affects mainly the lungs and digestive system, causing a build-up of thick mucus that leads to infection and inflammation.

    The student council motion stated that orientation week "strives to be inclusive" and "all orientees and volunteers should feel like their fundraising efforts will serve their diverse communities."

    Nick Bergamini was the only student councillor to vote against the motion.

    "I think that it's political correctness gone horribly, horribly wrong," he said. "They're playing not just politics with this, but they're playing racial politics, and I think it's entirely inappropriate."

    The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation called the student council's decision "crushing.""
  2. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member


    The student council at an Ottawa university has reversed its controversial decision to pull out of an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

    Following vocal protests from students, the Carleton University Students Association voted unanimously Monday night to:

    * Support next year's cystic fibrosis fundraiser, called Shinerama.
    * Donate at least $1,000 to the organization.
    * Issue a formal apology.

    In addition, the student councilor who crafted the controversial motion to drop the fundraiser resigned.
  3. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Thank God! :biggrin:
    Since someone actually responded. (Thank you John!) And this issue seems to be resolved. I will move on to the next post.



    "ISLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers to rule on Muslim civil cases.

    The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.

    Rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the full power of the judicial system, through the county courts or High Court.

    Previously, the rulings of sharia courts in Britain could not be enforced, and depended on voluntary compliance among Muslims.

    It has now emerged that sharia courts with these powers have been set up in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester with the network’s headquarters in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Two more courts are being planned for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

    Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi, whose Muslim Arbitration Tribunal runs the courts, said he had taken advantage of a clause in the Arbitration Act 1996."
  4. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    What's the purpose of this thread, Whitewolf? The explanation in the original post was lost on me...
  5. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member

    I would have thought that domestic violence would be a criminal and not civil concern. :dry: Either way, I wouldn't trust sharia law to protect anyone from it.

    Exactly how far backwards do we have to bend in order to please the politically correct? Immigrants should be looking to integrate into their new home, not remold it into what they want.
  6. Shogun

    Shogun Well-Known Member

    That one's old news. Now they're trying to remove Christmas in schools in favour of the Muslim holiday of "Eid." English children who want to celebrate Christmas have to go without to celebrate the Muslim holiday instead, Christmas has officially been cancelled.

    My father was a non-fundamentalist Muslim (Turkish) but even *I* think this is nutz! Everybody seems to walk on eggshells in this country because of Islam.

  7. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    "The weather in England is like the Muslims in Iraq...

    ... Either Sunni or Shite(sp)...

    Thats right, I saw your faces in the audience, thought I was going to cross a line their didn't you and now your laughing at a bit of international word play, but no one gave a shit when I made a joke about Catholics now did you"

    Some comedian I was watching the other night, pretty much sums up British attitudes, brain washed to the eyeballs with liberal ideas to the point no one seems to say "Hold the fuck on, am I accepting a fundamentally flawed idea because its presented as progressive and liberal rather than using my own reasoning to judge whether or not its a good idea."
  8. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    And what is wrong with this?

    The Jews already have the Beth Din courts in England which do exactly the same job for them as the Shariah courts will do for Muslims.
  9. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Important stories that the mass media chooses to ignore(for the most part intentionally) because of their bias.
  10. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    I agree.
  11. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Wow I wasn't even aware of this :blink:. Thank you for informing us of this extremism shogun. How long until we no longer have any sense of an identity?
  12. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Good post, I'm really glad that there are people who think for themselves besides myself. It really sort of boosts my morale. :smile:
  13. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I also was ignorant of this. Can you please link a credible(and preferably short) article on this? The problem is this. Muslim men will be allowed to get away with domestic abuse, now does that only apply to Muslim men with Muslim women, what about Muslim men with British women, where does the trial go then? Your holding people to different standards, and in my view, that's a dangerously slippy slope.
    Or what if the Muslim woman isn't an extremist but her husband is, etc.
  14. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    "In 1290, however, Jewish life in England came to abrupt end when the Edict of Expulsion was proclaimed by King Edward I, resulting in the banishment of the entire Jewish Population from Britain. The Edict was issued on 18th July, which that year was the Fast of Tisha B'Av.

    1656 - The Resettlement

    England remained "Yudenrein" until 1656 when R. Menashe Ben Israel successfully petitioned Oliver Cromwell to allow the readmission of Jews. It is said that Menashe Ben Israel pressed Oliver Cromwell on the grounds that England -Angleterre- was one of the four "angles" of the earth referred to in the prophecies of the ingathering of the exiles, and thus resettlement would hasten the coming of the Messiah!

    Within only 50 years the offices of the Chief Rabbi and the London Beth Din came into being to provide central religious authority for Jewish communities in London and throughout the United Kingdom - a role reflected in the London Beth Din's official title "D'Kehila Kedosha London Bet Din Vehamedina" - The Beth Din of London and the Country. This national role has become increasingly important in recent years with the decline of Jewish communities and local Batei Din in Britain".

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  15. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my ex gf made the same observation. I can remember watching the headlines, and just loving how they were making this all out to seem. Images of people being whipped in the Middle East, and the general, 'we're being taken over by the Muslims.' Good post.

    Erm. Lots of men get away with domestic abuse and violence against women. Have you looked to the police for help, as a woman in this country experiencing violence from men? You'd find they'd treat you like an inhuman, white, brown, whoever, or, they'd treat the Muslim/asian woman's experience as being 'cultural,' in an effort to not do anything, rather than as 'violence,' full stop. This is done by predominantly white police officers:smile: But they aren't on the news all the time.
  16. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Read more of the Mail, you'll find there are many, many who think the way you do. You're not alone here.
  17. jam1e

    jam1e Guest

    It's a bad idea!!

    What relevance does it have to the whole purpose of this site? Nothing, thats what!:mad:
  18. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    No Offense WW, but I am just sick of your white supremecy threads.

    Same shit over and over. Its getting old

    we get your point, we know what you mean.

    Please move on to a different subject.


  19. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Right guys. I'm closing this, and the other threads on racism / racists etc, as this is delving into an area where this forum does not wish to go.

    Though, it could be said that this thread has not got out of hand, this forum is not a free speech forum, and as such is not content to allow racist beliefs to be banded about.
    Any queries or comments, do feel free to post in Letters to Management at the top of the forum.
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