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  1. muslim

    muslim Well-Known Member

    in a small room over the roof of a building, a poor widow lives and her child.
    the thing that makes the mother sad that she was afraid of raining.
    the room have four walls and a wooden door
    but there is no ceiling.
    the child now is four years old and he didnt see raining all that years except a very weak droplets in the previous month.
    one day the clouds are increased and its coulours was dark grey.
    then the sky began to rain heavily
    all the people went to hide in their houses except our poor mother and son.
    the child looked to his mother sadly and hanged her hands strongly.
    but the mother clothes were too wet
    she took out the wooden door and put it diagonaly on the wall and hide her son under the door to protect him from heavy rain.
    the son looked for his mother with innocint smile in his face and told her
    "what do poor people that they havent door do when the rain drops heavily"
    the son felt as rich man because he has a door
  2. theleastofthese

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    Your story is similar to the one about the man who felt bad because he had no shoes til he met a man with no feet...

    same basic premise: be glad for what you have cause someone else has it worse...

    .. tho I must admit it's hard for me to feel happy about what I have (which is a lot, really) when I'm so overwhelmed by despair and financial troubles...

    muslim I must add that I believe that your God and my God are one and the same - we just call Him by a different name...
  3. muslim

    muslim Well-Known Member

    dear least i have an opinion in that may be you dont agree with me in it
    but i know you from reading your are logic and calm during discussion not like others in that forum.

    my view that
    i know all the world have one god.
    i thinck that he is one and only one
    christians thinck that he is three or one but have son and....

    my god who is yours and the god of all humans as i believe
    restericted eating pork and drinking alcohols.
    and your god that you believe that he is the god of all humans
    permit pork and alcohols
    so there is some thing missing
    may be our god is not the same(he cant say do and dont do at the same time)
    or our god is the same(but we misunderstood)
    or our god is the same but messengers lied to us or they are not even messengers.

    i want you to tell me your opinion.

    i really admire you and your opinion.
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