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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by max999, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. max999

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    How do a person go on after wasting one's life. All around me Im different from everyone, and knows no one. I dread and invisble chains around my mind. I want to catch up on the years wasted. But I could feel so stupid, my age has these insecurities. Its awful knowing Im the one not grown up. How do a person learn to live if he/she has nothing to yearn for. I remember a time I did but no longer. Meaningless, everything, I want someone to tell me that is not true. But Im afraid that could be fiction. Why do people live knowing the end will come someday. I want know, cause the little things in my life, they dont happen. Im so aimless. I dont want to do anything. I want to dissolve. But when I look in the mirror Im always here. I wish my body is incorporal, like the wind I can fly accross different land, not bound by my feet. Such easiness and no regret. Yet there is always doubt, always the defeat, the never ending clash.
    Can one have peace in this world, where everyone is so selfish, so alike and yet so different its one of life's cruelest jokes. Every person I met, they are all so ordinary. No person in this world shines. Everything has a dusty smell if it is left alone long enough. Are you one of them?
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    everyone is not the same we are all very different We all have different dreams different paths we are all special in our own way. People do wonderful things in this world after devastation people come from all over the world to help their is more kindness than not in this world you are only seeing what you want to see.
    Look more closer at all the kindness and care in this world because there is so many people who give their time and efforts so others can live better.
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