no direction, no point

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    what's the point when i don't even know what i want?
    what's the point when i'm only going to fail in the end?
    what's the point when everything i do turns to shit?
    what's the point when there's nothing left but pain in the end?

    i can't seem to see any good happening in the future
    i try to enjoy myself day in, day out, i put on a happy face
    but really i'm thinking two steps ahead and knowing it's all going to end badly.
    i don't want this, but then i don't want false hope
    because i HATE being disappointed
    i've had too much of that to deal with right already
    there is no real point to my life
    so why should i stay? why should i just keep trying and working my fucking arse off to achieve nothing and help noone?!
    if i could actually help people, at least i'd have meaning
    then i could say i have purpose.
    but i never will
    so really...

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    I don't think there really is a point to life in general, but you have helped a lot of people here.