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no emotions

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Lately, with the fact that my fiance has been taken away from me, I dont know what to do with myself. I used to spend almost every spare minute i had with him....because we were so in love, we couldnt be away from eachother. Now...Im alone...trapped here with these people who call themselves my family. WHo say they are protectiong me when all they are doing is killing me. I am so sad...all the time...every night I cry horribly, thinking of him, locked up in a cold cell where he does not deserve to be. And I cant do a single thing about it. Im helpless. I miss him so much. Its like a huge part of me has just been ripped away...and im left standing here...alone...in peices, with no one who understands. I cant get away, only time i cna be alone is at school. But I cant be there all the time. My parents control every aspect of my life. I thought when I turned 18 it would be better, but its not. I tried to get a job, but they have so much over me, like the fact i have no way of getting to and from work. I have no money of my own. Because of them. Im just so tired...I dont speak anymore. I probably havent opened my mouth in two weeks. And if i do, its to say go away, or leave me alone. I have so much depression inside...I want to let it out...it anyone can just..IM me or something...I need someone to talk to...badly...IM getting so lonely and scared I might do anything to end it now. But I loved life...I love art...and music...and nature...I just need a friend. thats all. Thanks for listening.



Hey, I know what you mean... I lost my bf 5 months ago and I still miss him so much, I still think about him so much, I still feel so lonely without him...
I know it's sucks without love... Because love is so important! And a lonely feeling is so terrible...
At the moment I like school more then holiday, because it's something to 'go away'. It''s easier for me to forget my thoughts at school. (well, my ex is at the same school so I hate school too but, hm).
That's bad that your parents control every aspect of your life.. Cant you speak about it with them? That you're 18 so you wanna life your own life? I dont know your parents so i dont know how they react...
Try to speak about it! It's good to let all out! You can always pm me if you want a talk...
It's good that you love life,art,music:smile: you have to love things to stay alive! That's only good!

Good luck:hug:
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