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i dont really have the desire to even talk aobut my problems anymore.Not to really talk like i used to or even to think aobut them.i dont even want to think about them anymore [though i cant acoid that part at all 24/7] and i guess so now i cant even do that/dont have the desire to do that at all really this really must be towards the end of my downward spiral soon now......this must be it.i dont even want to talk anymore.No energy.
maybe you need more sleep...?

of course, if you're being repressed... ask someone else, sorry...


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Hey thanks dont was just very kind of you to reply.i didnt really write for replies [just as well] but it was good to see yours there.Thankyou.Even i wouldnt know what to say to me right now.It is just the nature of my situation.So i guess i'll just have to live with it.


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Maybe just take some time out, some time for you, maybe take a break, stay with someone, it might just help you find some energy, or inspiration, or hope, or something, that just might give you a reason again. A reason to be, to fight, to talk.

Just give yourself some time, and know that we are here if/when you need us for anything

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