no f**kin escape >:(

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  1. whybother?

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    i fucking hate my family (apart from my sister) my parents on purposly get me fuckin angry so they find an excuse to throw onto the streets. i moved out of this shit hole a few months back to get away from them (and other reasons) but i had to move back, how i fuckin regret doing that! i have no money to move out, im sick of this fuckin city, sick of having to wake up to my parents screaming at me for no reason. and u know wat really fuckin sucks? the fact im gonna have to live with them until i find a job and save up enough money, that will take about a year to do, I DONT WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER FUCKING YEAR WITH THIS LOT!! i just want to run away from this place and not tell any1 where ive gone, but theres a few ppl who actually care about me on here and in person, and i dont want to upset them, so im confined to living with these bastards, thats if i survive
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    Tough gig.

    I hated having to move back with my parents. So did my sister. She described it as the worst three months of her life. The good news is now we both live far away from them in different cities. Comparing maps of Europe and America, it's like we live in France, and my father lives in Finland, and my mother, Spain.

    That always makes me happy :biggrin:

    You'll move on.

  3. attack_amazon

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    I for one am glad your still here. :hug:

    I know your family sucks, dude, but won't it be cool when you can finally tell them to go take a running jump?
  4. whybother?

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    i got to spend another year with these twats, ive only been back about 2 months and ive had enough, 1 year will kill me :( and sorry i didnt pm u telling u i was ok, ive just had a really shit day and didnt get chance to come on the net till now
  5. Petal

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    Hi whybother,

    I can totally relate, I don't get along well with my family either. Just remember, it won't last forever :hug:

    I'm here if you need to talk :)
  6. attack_amazon

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    It's okay, I'm just glad you're safe.

    Well, we're all here for you, so when the 'rents get to be too much, come here and let off some steam. I'd offer to come punch 'em for ya, but that's a long swim.