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No face to face therapy during pandemic

I find this very challenging. I see my Therapist on video conference, which is far better than phone. But it just doesn't seem very personal, there's a slight time lag and the picture goes squirrly now and then. I'm also somewhat restricted in what I can safely talk about. If I haven't got an ice pack then I tend to hit myself when the discussion takes a wrong turn, which may be difficult for her to bring me back from.

I try and counteract these nuisances with thoughts of how fortunate I am to have a therapist at all, as I realize many are not as fortunate.


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It's definitely hard. My therapist just does phone calls. I don't like not being in his office, I miss that safe space. And there are definitely cues he misses because he can't see my body language.

Gratitude is helpful though, that's a good way to think about it. *hug

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