No family or friends - post here


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No career, no friends, no family and you're and feeling lost......all that sounds very familiar to me because I've lived my own version of it.
You're 33 and I'm about to turn 70 so don't do what I did and keep thinking you'll fix your life "someday".
Identify something you're good at, that you like doing, that offers a job that pays an acceptable salary and talk your way into it.
Just doing that would be a good start that goes a long way to making a change for the better.
The problem is I've spent 10+ years deciding what to pick. No answer as of yet. I have no passion.


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I am slowly adjusting. I also realize life won’t be that long. Although I but if I make it 20 more, I probably won’t care much. Bye then am in fairly good health, no one gets past 115 that’s a maximum of about 45 years.
Hey thank you for replying. Is your wife still living with you. Maybe it is a passing crush.

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