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No feelings, or over intellectualization

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by OCDNihilism, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. OCDNihilism

    OCDNihilism Well-Known Member

    Anyone here who suffers from over thinking and rationalization, but because your brains are so flooded in mud you can't have a complete train of thought, or thoughts that you know should make sense and have a logical feeling aren't like that anymore?

    Any of you suffer from a form of ditachment and apathy that hinders you from being on solid ground? That you always feels like a lost sailer who comes across other ships on the sea, but you never have an opportunity to ask for a direction..? Do you starve and die of thirst on a sea of fluid knowledge, that always slips through your hands?

    Do you feel like you will never be loved or love by that someone or just anyone that others find on fortuit moments, because you are nothing or you feel like nothing on the inside?

    Don't you feel like you have lost your ego? Like you no longer have a driving force? Aren't you tired of all the glorifying and glamourizing of Humanity, because you can no longer nurtrer any real sentiment of what should make you a being this or other away in whatever situation?

    I feel displaced and no one around me can find a place to put me, even if they tried, they might just forgot my purpose or they would just throw me away like an unwanted pet..
  2. Fell Mor

    Fell Mor Well-Known Member

    no. I don't feel like that. your last sentence says, "i feel displaced... an unwanted pet." see, I don't feel like that. I don't care what the people around me think.
  3. OCDNihilism

    OCDNihilism Well-Known Member

    I do care, I do care for caring, that's the thing. I am a whole lot of nothing in many pieces, many broken pieces, but everything feels imcomplete. That last sentence was not completly sincere, was just part of me intlectualizing myself to be able to care, but in the end it's a dry void thing.

    Do you suffer from any symptoms of slowed or confused thinking, derived from anxiety and a bunch of useless philosophy you might be reading? I do, it sucks me down a vortex of nullity...
Thread Status:
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