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    Recently I've been suicidal and today I had the chance to talk about other things with my "friend" basically he kept insulting me over and over when I begged him to stop. He's the only friend I have, my other friend of 5 years from across the globe doesn't talk to me due to his new girlfriend so I've been locking up so many feelings just to be turned away by this friend... Sometimes I wonder if all the nasty things people assume about me are true, maybe this is why in don't have many friends. Anyone care to kik me? I just need to vent to someone more. Hopefully someone who will understand
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    I am sorry you were treated that way 0 there is no understanding how some people think or what makes them do the things they do. You are always welcome to talk here and have some more understanding people listen - for advice or just to vent .
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    I doubt that any of what people say about you is true...sounds more like you have a friend who is not very great for you. I stopped talking to people who treated me like that, sometimes it sucks to be lonely, but it's better than being made to feel bad about yourself. You can vent here as much as you want--there are kind and caring people who will understand. Who knows, you might even make a friend or two along the way :)
  4. sudut

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    I would ignore someone who treats me that way. and for the other friend who got a gf, well, friends come and go and hopefully you will meet a new one.
  5. W Miller

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    I feel this way too. I feel that nasty things people say bout me are true. In reality, honestly, even if true (and I don't think what they saying about you is true) , you may want to say bye bye to those type of people, that make you feel worse about yourself.

    I'm pretty much friendless. Now, by choice. I'm a loner.

    Best wishes.
  6. snogo

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    I would feel hurt if I were in your situation. Sometimes all you can do is to ask yourself: what is important to me right now. What are some things I need to change in order to achieve a truly healthy connection with that something which is important to me.

    Keep sharing. We are here to listen.
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    I've been put down by many people while growing up as well. Those who claim that they're friends until situations come up, it's best to let those go for your own sake. They were never friends to begin with. And yes, there's those who will come and go into your life no matter why they leave. Really, you have to take zilch of it for granted because for one it's hard to find true friends that stick to you through everything and they may only tolerate so much and there's just people who will only be there on their own terms. I lost someone earlier this year who I thought was the best of a friend out of anyone I've met in my life and I honestly think it was for the best since it wasn't working towards the end. I got tired of questioning whether if they really were my friend and they didn't give much in with support while I tried being there for them.

    All I can really say is to just hang in there. I know that it's so hard when you have people going against you over things that may or may not be true. But honestly, it's likely none of their business to start with. People make up so much crap to the point it makes one believe that it's true and that's what they aim for - to break you and believe it. You know what's best for yourself as well as knowing yourself better than even the best of a friend or your worst enemy. If there's any way (NOT suicide) for you to get out of such a toxic environment, then do so. Drop the friend who keeps making fun of you, especially if you tell them how much it hurts and you don't appreciate it. It's not worth the mental damage it can do.
  8. Petal

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    I very much doubt what they say about you is true. It's very hard to maintain friendships when going through severe mental illness as it's very confusing for them to even try and begin to understand. Just do things slowly. If you need someone to talk to, I am here. :hug: Even better, we have a great chat room here which I bet if you went in you'd find a lot of people could relate to you! Good luck :hug: