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No friends...

Feel like I've no friends. I have two, but they live far away and we only have contact a few times a year. Have no one close to me and no one to talk to on a daily basis. And I miss that sooo much sometimes. Feel isolated. :(

What's life without friends....? Please tell me.


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Are there any meetup.com groups in your area? Perhaps you could try meeting as many people with similar interests as possible, so that you can find additional friends. Coping with loneliness is a harrowing experience but you just have to keep yourself occupied as best you can, and pursue as many opportunities to meet new people as possible.
No there are no meetup groups because I live with my husband and two children out in the country... And I have kind of social anxiety so it's difficult for me to connect to new people. It's not impossible but takes a lot of courage. :) It's hard.
Sorry that you are feeling so isolated.

Would it be possible for you to move closer to your friends? Or for your friends to move closer to you?

And I have kind of social anxiety
I've got social anxiety too. I could try to share some things that helped me, if you are interested.

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