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Hi there and welcome to SF.
I'm sorry that you've felt the need to "buy" friends in the past. People typically look much more kindly at genuine acts of caring and compassion than anything you can purchase.
I hope you find the support you desire here at the site. See you around.


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welcome to SF @thewyitends we are a peer community that cares but never judges. please look around the forums and post when you feel comfortable or go to the chat section if you prefer real time.

at your age there are many ways for you to make friends. and i agree with @Walker it's better to get friends with kindness and compassion than with what you can purchase. f you try to be yourself you will have genuine friendships. you don't have to be alone put yourself out there at work volunteering etc. i hope you feel better soon...mike....*hug*console


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Hi and welcome...

@Walker reminded me the other day that a friend is only a drive or flight away. My suggestion is to make online friends, will likely have meetups in your area. Before, I was adamant I had no friends, I didn't have any until I reached out without giving up or losing hope, now I have the best friend I could possibly ask for, no judgement, no ridicule, a heart of gold and there is no reason you cannot find the same, reach out more and more, I know at the beginning it can be exhausting but you will get there *hug x


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I've always been that person that tried to buy friendships, all my highschool friends everyone is gone, and the people that raised me all have passed... I just can't deal with being so lonely anymore
Hey there man, I've seen your recent post too. As well as the excellent comments by the other mates here, I'd like to add that it ain't too late to find a good mate!
I've also tried to "buy" friends in the past and I'm also in the same boat. I think forums like this one can help just to get some interaction. I think what's helping me is to focus on my well-being first and loving myself first. I hope you also can have that and experience more connectedness with people. It's a tough time with COVID and social media replacing real interactions. I hope things change and you won't feel lonely soon.
Hi. Welcome to the forums @thewyitends. I'm sorry you feel like you've had to "buy" friendships and that you are lonely. I often feel lonely too. You can always get plenty of empathy, advice or casual conversation around the forums. Buying friends is never a good idea as those friendships probably won't last. A good way to build lasting friendships, as said before, is to try to find people with similar interests and hobbies - is a good place to start or local clubs (when they're back on). I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *console.


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Hello and welcome. With only one or two exceptions I have never had friends whether buying them or otherwise.


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I know that feel a bit. I've been feeling extra lonely today. What the heck is the point of me doing anything when I have no friends to chat with about..the things that I also wish I had friends.. I don't get how my heart can keep beating when I don't even have a single friend that really cares about me..

You are welcome here!

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