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No good deed goes unpunished.

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Wow. It always makes me feel strange to be brushed off by a fellow SF poster when I'm trying my best to remain civil and polite. Certain topics on this forum are by nature, emotionally charged. I can accept that. I have learned the hard way on this forum that confrontations rarely win arguments. It's better to be polite or at the very least, say nothing at all.

Believe me I know how to engage in internet warfare ( just view my exchange with reborn1961 to see me at my worst ) but I now prefer to leave that stress behind.

I don't claim to be perfect but I am really trying hard to stay within the boundaries of politeness and civility. I don't want to be put back under moderation because I let someone get under my skin.

We all expose ourselves here on the forum and that means we become vulnerable to others. Let it be known to everyone that I share a thread with that I have no intention of stepping on your toes or belittling you.


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I'm sorry if someone was rude or dismissive of you. It is in the rules that being suicidal is not an excuse for being offensive to others... after all, we're all in the same boat, more or less. I'm glad that you're allowing yourself to rise above it... it makes you the bigger person by doing so.


My mistake was contained in a PM with another friend of mine on this forum. It was not displayed on a thread so it was not available for viewing by the rest of you.

Anyway, I'm slowly learning how to deal with the limitations and quirks of communicating only through printed messages. Not being able to see or hear the person with whom I'm conversing removes the ability to perceive the subtle nuances of body language and tone of voice that we all use to interpret each other.

No real harm done, though. Thanks for checking on me, too ( least and Devastated )
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