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    yes im makin alot of threads today but i have alot of things to say im so fucked off rite now

    i dunno if this shud be in here or sumwhere else, im a dumb **** so move it if its in the wrong section

    Anyway as most of u know i went to see my doctor a few days back and i told him every last detail, the fact im getting 3-4 hours sleep a day, the fact i cant keep down anything i eat and ive lost a stone ina month , and i even got the confidence to show him my cuts , i told him i was suicidal, i was hoping he was gonna get me sum pills for all this, but wat happened? HE GAVE ME FONE NUMBERS TO FUCKING RING. this is wat i mean about being alone, even a proffesional cant fucking help me properly, he said if theres anytime u feel like self harming give these ppl a ring, oh yea i have a razor blade in my pocket waiting for relief and im gonna put the blade down and talk to sum randomer on the fone telling me not to do it? NOT A CHANCE! :mad:

    but nooooooooooooooooooooo ppl want me alive dont they, selfish bastards, its clearly obvious no1 is helping and im suffering, just need 1 person to say ''yea fuck it go on do it, i can see ur suffering and no1 can help u, just do it''

    No1 to talk to in person
    My doctor cant help me
    Cant get to the hospital
    Cant go and see a therapist

    yea life looks fuckin rosey for me doesnt it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

    all i want is a hug from sum1 telling me everything will be alrite, but i have no1, and now im crying :sad:
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    This is a perfect place to say how you feel!:smile:

    Are you not on Antidepressants at all?

    They're not perfect but would help you along at this moment in time.

    Perhaps your Doc won't give you pills due to being suicidal?

    When i took several OD's my doc would only give my pills to my wife to give me daily.

    Just a thought?:smile:
  3. whybother?

    whybother? Well-Known Member

    im on no medication at all
  4. Hey why bother, where you from, I don't mind coming to give you a hug, unless you live in some place I haven't heard of. :smile: