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No help for an alcoholic :_(

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I called 5 different numbers of help line for addiction and NONE helped me. They all refer me to the next number and the last one told me to go to a AA meeting and find a buddy to speak to.

AND NOW ???????????????


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For now, talk to people here. I'm assuming that you have already tried AA...?

A few ideas:

Your doctor who might be able to refer you to something other than AA.

If you work and your work benefits has an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), they might have some resources/people to refer you to.

I saw you're in Prince-Edward-Island Canada and I googled "alcoholism Prince-Edward-Island" and this was one of the results: http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/Prince-Edward-Island-Alcohol-Drug-Rehab-Programs.html

I hope you find some additional support. :hug:


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Hi Kassy,

Scott Kiloby suffered in twenty years of addiction. He has found a way to real freedom and his method “Natural Rest” may work wonders. Here is a video clip where he introduces the method:


Here is something from his website ( http://www.kiloby.com/recovery.php ) under Recovery:

“If you are suffering and seeking within the grips of addiction, I invite you to take a look at what is being said on this page and on this site generally.

I suffered in twenty years of addiction. I searched every twelve step method, religion, self-help book, teaching, and positive thinking program that I could find. The seeking for spiritual enlightenment or self-help became my new drug. It was only when I met the non-dual message that the addictive cravings and obsession greatly diminished, to the point of being virtually absent. Presence was the key. I want to share this message with anyone who is interested!”
You may also arrange telephone conversation with Scott via email on his website...

If you are determined and do what you can moment by moment, you have what it takes (with whatever help available) to set yourself free from the addiction...

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:


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As a member of AA, I highly recommend attending. It is suggested to attend at least 6 meetings before drawing a conclusion, and I've even heard some old timers in the program say keep going until you hear your own story.

I remember wondering if AA would be any good when I first started, and I had no idea of how I would stop drinking. I was in and out of AA a few times.

Just for today, I'm sober, one day at a time. I've been doing this for 7 years now. Life is a bed of roses complete with thorns but life can be dealt with on life's terms.
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