No hope for anything

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Today was probably one of my worst days.

I feel like no one wants me, except for my parents. I love my mom and dad because they always make me feel like im not alone.

Other than that, I feel like I'm that one annoying guy that bothers everyone and everyone doesn't want me there. I dont think im annoying. I'm just very shy.

Also, I have a very hard time trying to get a girl. If you've read my other threads, you'd know I have a hard time trying to even talk to a girl. I've never gone on a date before, or kissed or been kissed. I've never found true love yet. Yet I really like this one girl. I have no idea if she wants me or not. Sometimes when I message her online, she just ignores me, but sometimes she likes to talk. Maybe she's just busy. Well, a dance and Prom is coming soon (April 2007). That may seem like a while, but I feel like I'm just going to skip it. As some of you US people know, Prom may seem like a big deal. I wouldn't know what to do. I'm so shy around girls, since I go to an all male high school.

I just feel like giving up on everything, without a care in the world.

One of these days, when I feel that the world is against me, wanting me to leave, then I will.


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hi :)
I hope that day will never come, that the world wants you to leave, and I think it won't as you say your parents love you and make you feel wanted. I know this sounds stereotype but I really think that's time what you need, try to be patient and not to force things, in matter of girls for instance, and don't think you've been ignored, specially online, I learned to not think immediatly its something personal, normally there's a pretty simple and practical explanation to why peopel seem to ignore you. I guess I would softly let that girl know that I care for her, and see how things stand.I'm not too good on relationships myself :sad: and I'm ancient lol, most difficult thing to achieve, a good rewarding loving relationship.
I don't really think this helps you much,I don't even know if it makes any sense, but in some cases things solve themselfs , just a question of time and not too much pressure. I guess a lot of guys from your school are probably dealing with the same worries about the prom, it can be scary to not really know what to expect or what you are expected to do at such a prom (never attend one myself btw).
I hope things will work out for you, and don't feel like a bother at least in here, I am sure people will be glad to help you and support you as much as they can
Take care,
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