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No hope left

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I don't know if it is worth trying anymore.
I am about as down as I can be
stuck in this hospital, having the urge to run
run right to the drug store
and then go home to my death.
I am so tired of this.
May I missed spring
June I missed spring
July i missed summer
aug i missed summer
sept. i missed fall
oct. i missed fall
and now november
do i have to end this by death cause I am loosing all hope here.
you've been in the hospital since May? if so, yeah, that's quite a while

so has there been anything good about being in the hospital, or has it just made things worse?

do you see being in the hospital as the main problem?

the hospital could be helpful in some ways, but I think that sometimes a hospital will try to keep you in longer than you should be, particularly if you have insurance that they can charge

do you think that the hospital is trying to act in your best interests or not?

do you think it would help if you could transfer to another hospital?
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