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no hope, no future

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by john219, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. john219

    john219 New Member

    I'm still in the same place I've always been, apart from now, I'm getting closer to 30. I've still got no clue what I want to do or what kind of work I'd like to do etc. I've always found that I've never really cared about any of the jobs I've ever done. I don't know maybe there is part of me that still feels I need to get on with my life and do something, but because I've never known what exactly that is, I've just given up now. I'm tired of having to constantly search for it. I have very few options regarding the future. I have tried so many things but all in vain, mainly admin or office work but they have all ended mainly due to me not being focused and quitting. It's as if because I feel hard done by and frustrated and angry with other life issues, I don't want to contribute to society.

    Does that make sense? There's so much more I could say obviously but in conclusion what I'm trying to say is that I just feel like I don't care. I'm STUCK as I have been for many years, practically all my life you could say.
    I've had plenty of counselling/therapy and such like for many years now and it's really got me nowhere. I simply cannot just get on with life like people keep telling me to do.

    I am an angry, frustrated man, fed up with life and constantly thinking about how things have not worked out for me, finding myself in self pity etc. Right now I don't think I can even focus on even wanting to work because I am angry with being alive to be honest, I would rather be anyone but myself right now. I still live at home with parents, no real motivation to do much, have relationship and sexual issues which is making me even more frustrated and sick of living. I think it's best to continue to live on benefits and live and die alone. I hate life, wish I didn't have to live anymore. I would trade places with anyone right now. I've had suicidal feelings for many years now and even though I wish I was dead, I don't think I'm brave enough to actually go through with it.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Many here feel the same way hun tired of living but unable to change where we are at. stuck sort of the only way change will happen is if we do something different try something different new activities that we may think will spur out interest in living I hope you continue to talk here h un meet new people so you don't feel so alone
  3. john219

    john219 New Member

    thank you for the response. It's hard to keep trying after a while...
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Though I don't base this on any actual factual data, I would be willing to guess that more than half of our world population works in jobs that they do not enjoy. When one of my son's complains about his job sometimes I always remind him, "They don't call it play, they call it work." With that said, it is nice to enjoy what you do... that is understood. Sometimes, though, we have to sit in those not-so-great positions until we can expand ourselves out by either hard work, advancement, or education/training. I know that in my past I have worked some jobs that I really hated. Even once I fell into my proper field, I had situations (bad bosses, etc.) that I despised. Some mornings it was hard to get motivated to even leave the house... but I did. I supplemented by creating pass times away from work that I enjoyed. I'd suffer the day to earn my keep, then move directly into my favorite activities afterward. Even today (I am self employed) I find times where I hate what I'm doing. Clients can be a real pain sometimes, and so can employees. It shifts both directions and this is because work is never really designed to be 100% fun.

    Create a plan for advancement on a 5 or 10 year road map and identify those things that you need to do along the way to move closer to your goals. If you don't know what those goals are, then just work hard to do well and eventually it should come to you. Fill the voids with things you enjoy doing - sports, movies, art, writing, music, collecting, hobbies, friends, etc. It's not easy for anybody... even those who appear to have it all going for them. Don't be fooled by constant smiles, some either are good at covering up, while others have developed better means to cope. Still others use the formula that I outlined above.
  5. ub3

    ub3 Banned Member

    You sound very deppresed and maybe need some help with that. WE all have our crosses to bear...ANd some of the most powerfull successfull people in the world once felt as you did but they turned it around and thats what makes them so powerfull today and able to be of service to others stuck in the trenches... I can relate to your suffering and feeling that your life is over before its even began. you aRe not alone their...others have suffered more than me and you and have turned it around if they can do it so can we...we just need to believe and then we will reciee but if we doubt we go without...out of the darkness comes the light... No pain no gain...as deep and as broad is your suffering so shall be your comfort xxx I am with you in spirit.... keep on keepng on change must come x
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