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    My life is goin pretty well at the moment, i am no longer suicidal and sometimes even feel ok but one thing that continues to get me down is the fact that i am never gonna hav a real relationship. There r several reasons for this:
    1) I am 20 yrs old single mum to a one year old son. This puts most guys off straight away.
    2) I have mental health problems.
    3) I have slept around alot in the past. Including sleeping with strangers for money.
    4) I was abused as a kid and with my history with guys all the physical parts of a relationship are very difficult for me.
    5) As a single parent i dont get the oppourtunities to go out and meet people anyway.
    I wish that i cud just accept it and get over it cos then life wud b pretty good but i cant :-( I wish i had someone to take care of and to love me and to fall in love with.

    Anyway there wasnt much point to this post, just wanted to get it out.
    Take care all
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    Hi JV,

    I hope it helped to talk here.. i hear your struggles with wanting a relationship but feeling like it'll never happen. Being a single parent at 10 must be very difficult and it's understandable given your circumstances that you'd feel there is no hope... but who knows what is around the corner. I never thought i'd meet someone (i'm 29) but i have.. sometimes it happens when you're least expecting it to.

    I know you said it's hard for you to go out and meet people but i wonder if there are any social clubs you could join - even ones that include your baby, like a pram walking group, or taking your baby to singing classes (which is more fun than anything else). I am suggesting these because they wouldn't need babysitters or anything, and could actually be fun. You could get to meet other mums.. and maybe even dads.. and i'm thinking that once you have more of a social network, you may have more opportunities of going out either with the people you meet.. or asking them to babysit while you go out :)

    Don't give up hope.. as i say it may happen when you're least expecting it
    Jenny x