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no hope

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I´m 24 and I can´t see a future for myself . Everyday is a marathon of mostly unpleasant feelings and I can´t take it anymore . I think of commiting suicide every day , but somehow I end up wanting to live . I have S.A.D. and it is really the most awful thing that I have to deal in my life . No one in my family understands me and to make things worse I don´t have any friends . I´m getting more and more desperate because I´m getting older . My life is empty . I´m tired of my life .
I feel stupid and ridiculous most of the time . I´m conscious about my situation , but I still can´t change it .


Are there any meds or things you can take to help with your SAD? Seen your dr? Does closing the curtains and having really bright lights on help at all? I really hope you find some reasons to carry on. What things do you want out of life?


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Ashamed, Beachboy was asking about people with SAD..see his post sad.
Maybe together you will be able to help each other thru the winter months.
I´ve been taking medication , it helps me a little , but that´s not the real issue . I´m starting this new treatment , but I´m finding it difficult to trust my therapist . I don´t really trust anyone in my family , so I´m a bit paranoid .
I´ve never tried the curtains thing , it sounds like a good idea .
About what I want from my life , I really wanted to be more independent , have a college degree , then get a good job , make friends and the list goes on ...


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I always thought S.A.D. was Seasonal Affective Disorder: a condition of depression and low energy due to the reduced direct sunlight in winter. There are special lights that mimic sunlight and are thought to help with S.A.D.

At least, that's what I was told S.A.D. was.

You are right least, SAD is seasonal affective disorder, but maybe there is more than one use for the acronym. Ashamed are you receiving any help for your problems? There are things that can be done for sad, meds and other therapies. Don't be discouraged. Take care and keep posting so we know how things are for you. :hug:
I was wrong , s.a.d. is really seasonal affective disorder , I guess I confused it with s.a. , social anxiety and that´s what I have . I couldn´t have s.a.d. because is very sunny here in Brasil .
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