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No Idea How to Go On

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My husband has been forging checks from my bank account and putting them in a bank account or two that I didn't know he had. I have 4 children and no way to take care of them. I am looking for work and have started cleaning houses but every day is an absolute nightmare.. I have no idea what to do. I feel that if I were gone they could live with their fathers and have a better chance.


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Welcome to SF, Eliana. I have no idea what to do.. what immediately came to mind was your signature. I hope there is something that someone or you can think of which can help you in this situation. My thoughts are with you and your kids.


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Kids would always choose the mum.

got to be said - nothing against dads - you know the score - you never carried them or gave birth - they are yours - but nature/God made sure woman got the most important task which is raising your children and allowing that love to be a saving grace.

If your husband steals from you and the children (that money was not just yours was it? I'd report him to the police or tell his family - just demand the money back or you go the police.

Its not just the money - your husband has betrayed a trust - its as bad as cheating as the children - you have four? You know that money is a parachute for them - and you.

He stole it - he committed a theft - broke the law and could be arrested as if he has forged cheques then a handwriting expert will see that in - er - about a few seconds.

I studied this a little.

So give him his ultimatum to put back the money - or else you will go to the police.

I'm so sorry this has happened - its horrible to be robbed but to do nothing about it would be to lose your dignity. You can walk away with that intact unless its his home and you cannot just leave with the kids in a hurry.

But you got options - and right now the children have a mum and no matter what you think they will NEVER be better off without you.

IF you are on speaking terms with the fathers - can you not talk to them about this robber of children's monies?

He may as well have stolen the piggy banks - I mean - your a mother of four - NO man should be touching a penny or dime of your cash savings.

If a man can do that - I got to say its likely he ought to perhaps become history unless that money appears back in the account in a week.

Have you got family who you can relay these worries to?

How old are the children also if you do not mind me asking?

I hope you can get some help also - see your doc - could be that some therapy will get you though this difficult time.

My heart goes out to you - its hard enough coping on your own - but so far you kept the family together - sure - things never worked out with the fathers but that is just life and is not a refection on you or the fathers.

Feel free to add anything else that worries you.

My good wishes and prayers.

First thing, keep that check book away from him! Close the account and open a new one. Don't even bother ordering checks, there's nothing you have to pay that you can't pay online or with a cashiers check or money order. Don't let him get away with taking your money and putting it in his accounts. I have a huge problem with joint checking accounts for this very reason, one or the other will try to control the money, therein controlling their spouse.
and no honey, your kids would not be better off without you, a child needs it's mother and when you feel as though you can't go on, look at those faces to remind yourself of how much you are loved and needed in this world. My kids are my motivation, my reason for breathing and the love of a child is a powerful thing.
You are of worth, you are needed and wanted.
Don't give up. Stay moto and be the best mom you can be :)


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I agree..something special about moms but that's beside the point.
what he did is theft and abusive.

I hope you will use your energies to fight that. Do it for the kids and yourself.
Your kids need you and you deserve that life with them.

I agree with everything that was posted, and would add this:

I think we both know that YOU are the better choice to raise your kids, not the fathers. Obviously the current husband is a perfect example of why he would be a terrible parent. He lies and he steals! I think it's important for your future that you really take a deep look inside and decide that you're worth more than you're giving yourself credit for. Don't let abusive people ruin your life! Stand up for the fact you're a good person and mother and don't allow men to take advantage of you.

Best wishes,
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