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No Idea What To Do....

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Hey guys, I'm at a bad point in my life. Basically I get lazy as hell to the point where I stop but the world keeps going , as it does. Anyways here's my problem. I just got back from my first semester of college away from home where I thought maybe I could get my shit together but things were the same now I've got to explain how I got 2 F's a C and a D when all I was doing was going to school, no job or anything. At the same time this is happening I shot up to 237 pounds when I have to be at 214 for my Air Force physical. Also something I thought had been paid off turns out that the company stopped charging me after 3 payments and I still owe them $350. I'm just in a really bad place right now since I have no job, no money to pay off the company, can't seem to get my act together in school, and have a whopping 23 pounds to lose. I can't see any easy way out of this and I'd just like some advice because if it keeps going down this road I have no idea what I'll do to myself.

tl;dr : I'm too fat , too lazy, and too poor.


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Hi dapperdan, welcome to the forum :hug:

Have you tried losing weight? Try, no harm will come from trying..maybe you will find a job when you have more confidence within yourself :)
If you're at college, then that institution will in all likelihood have some academic supports in place if you seek them out. Remember it's in their interest as an organisation that you're successful...

As far as weight goes - you can do it if you put your mind to it. Keep that goal weight in sight and remember why you're doing it. Maybe looking at jobs or a local gym would be a help in this regard.

As to cash, if it were me I would appraise my parents of the situation - however hard that might be - since you're not in a position to fix things by yourself.

Hope that helps,

Good luck,
I've tried many times. In fact, until about 2 weeks before I moved back home I got down to 218, but then I got lazy and crawled back into my hole and stopped exercising and eating right. now I've got no money to buy the foods I had. I'm filling out job applications as I type this and I just feel like I'm on a treadmill, this has happened before but I just keep running only to get nowhere. I climb up to a great place and then the worlds gets to me and I have to crawl back inside my hole and hide from it all. I'm 21 and have never had anyone that I could genuinely talk to about my problems so when stuff happens I just keep to myself and hope nobody asks. I feel lonely/depressed almost everyday and most days I think about "what if I just ended it all". I can't afford to go to a psychiatrist on my own and don't know how to go about asking if my insurance would cover it. I also don't know what is wrong with me mentally. Until I got into 10th grade I had nothing but 3.5 GPA's and above since then I've been lucky to get 2.0 GPA's. My last semester of college I had A's in all of my classes until midterms came and then I stopped going to class and doing my work. I just need someone to talk to about everything, someone who can help me clear my head and possibly get me back on track.
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