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No, it doesn't get better

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Hi all,

Sorry I dropped off the thread I started a few days ago. I tend to do that--I'm easily overwhelmed with little things like responding to people.

Just to straighten out all the kids of today:

Judging from the huggy pro-life crowds at various suicide sites, you'd think that everyone gets better when they're 18. Or 25. Or whatever.

I've slogged through black, inert existence for (he stops--does the math--how old was I in third grade?) thirty years.

I've done some neat things along the way, when I've been able to set myself aside for a bit. But it never--ever--is far away.

In my last thread, Theophilus, I mentioned my religiosity. I'm a Catholic, and yes, I firmly believe that intentional suicide is a mortal sin. A lot of people on the Loved & Lost forum are grossly exaggerating the comfort and peace of their "angels" whom "God called home early." [See if that gets past the suicideforum censors!] Amusingly, suicide has the (unique?) status of not being logically forgiveable. You can't absolve someone of a sin they haven't committed yet, and are still intending to commit, and once you've committed suicide, it's too late. (Of course, some methods create a certain interval between the act and death, and so afford an opportunity for atonement, but other methods obviously don't.) I'm not sure how God handles this situation.

But it really doesn't matter--there are plenty of other serious sins that preceed suicide. My favorites are sloth and despair. I've had plenty of chances to atone for those, and I've chosen not to. Or at least, I haven't.

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you are right and wrong cleric. For some people it will get better and for those i truly feely glad to see them happy and enjoying life. Then there are those (like me) who know that this hell we live in is permanent. Happiness is a thing of the past, a goal we shall never obtain.
im wondering why you would post that...i might not believe things will get better either but thats no reason to say that theres no hope for anyone. :sad:
I know you may have depression and other problems and things feel hopeless, but that isn't true anyone can get better you just have to figure out how to. But please try not to disscourage others.

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Saying there is no hope for anyone is the depression talking....not reality. People have overcome extreme suicidal thoughts and extreme depression many, many times...Im not sure it ever goes away completely, its part of human nature to have a lot of low points...its called "life".

I certainly think its possible to get back to some resemblance of a decent life though, and feeling ok about yourself.

In saying that, if somebody posting a negative message about no hope on a forum is going to tilt you over the edge...then you really need to take immediate action, and perhaps give the forums a little rest for a while, or at least this particular section of them.
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For the most part I agree with you cleric, I do not see things ever getting better (my outlook and not that of others) I tell people that their is hope in their life (and I truly belive it for those I say it to) I truly belive that most people can find hope, a reason to live and some small amount of worth out of this life. What I want to address and I am sure I will get slammed for this so please from anyone my views not yours and no use arguing ok?

I see a lot of people that are religios and the one thing that I can't fathom is the idea of God punishing people in eternal damnation for commeting sucide, I just can't see a being so full of love and acceptence that he would do such a thing. If he sent his only son to die at the hands of man in such a grousome way I would truly belive that his forgivness would be all encompesing. I will add this, I am in no way religios, I have my own reasons for such. I just hate to see someone in pain fearing for their eternal soul when I could never see a God such presented in what I have read of the bible able to condemn a man for not haveing the ablity to live this life to its end.

I truly hope you are able to find peace in this life instead of seeking it in the next and stay here with us.

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