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No longer can completely keep in the hurt

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Facebook: I hate you. I HATE YOU. I hate it that my friend's pages are filled when mine is almost completely devoid, even when I post updates.

Friends: What will it take me to gain back your attention and contact me over the internet at times other than "Happy Birthday" and vacation times. And stop inviting your non-mutual friends over at my house.

Former best Friend: I have given up initiating dates since you are not interested in maintaining our friendship, as nice as you are. Actions speak louder than words.

Type Diabetes: Thank you for making me a stronger person than I otherwise would be.

Paraplegia: Why did you have to add so many more burdens?

Major Depression: GO AWAY!

Friends/former best friends:You guys are among nicest people one could have for friends. Without your support, even though it's proven that I potential have enough strength and have more endurance and ability to deal with my medical conditions than any I know thanks to life's experience, I can not manage on my own. Even if it weren't for the severity of my depression I would not be able to manage. Humans are social animals - that's closer to the reason behind of my attempt than my medical condition.

Strength: My one, rock solid, unfailing, unbreakable trait has finally broken. In the past three years I have gone from being strong to a cowering weakling. An oak which is weak from rot within is a more apt description.

Endurance: No longer is endurance.

School: What is the point if I am socially inept with nice, but less than truth friends, more than likely to end up with a huge dept in a few short years without non-existent support, and far less than likely to be able to maintain and achieve a good paying job. I would be able to manage if only I was socially secure and able, and my friends remained interested.

Country: Stop getting yourself into a blackhole of a war and wasting your money overseas. Focus it on more important things such as education and health care.

Economy:Need I say anything?

Public: At least practice empathy if you won't do anything else. Then it will hopefully give you a clearer picture. I am not super woman. Wheelchair bound folks deserve to be treated just as respectfully, and like the adults they are if they are adults, as their non-disabled peers. I dislike having a stigma.

Stop taking advantage of the poorer, less well connected, less able people, and stop making it so GOD DAMN HARD for the disadvantaged and medically disadvantaged to stay afloat and retain a foothold, even if it does mean that in order to level the playing field, prices will rise. I hate hearing about poverty and people suffering from aids and the like in third world countries who earn less than a US dollar a day when there are people out there who own private jets and 50 million dollar yachts. It makes me so angry. A mixture of capitalism and socialism (NEITHER one NOR the other) would be healthier. I believe in taking the middle approach. If it weren't for my financial and medical predicament, I would not have posted the above rant about capitalism. I have only felt this way for about a year.

Foresight: I wish there was no such thing. Then worry wouldn't exist.
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You sure did cover a lot...and yes, those who do not understand what a treasure you are such not have access to you and those who do, should be considered a blessing...as you graciously offered me, I am here and just a PM away...big hugs, J
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