No matter the circumstances, YOU are loved.

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    Wrote this last night. For those of you that don't know me, I guess to say the least, since I became a Christian my life has totally turned around. Attempted suicide several times in the past and when I dropped to my knees for God I saw my life flash by my eyes...and since then, living with faith, things are getting better as He is changing me and I now realize how Deeply LOVED I am. And He loves you too... :rose: You are so deeply loved.

    Here we go.

    How can You feel I'm hurting
    When it consumes me from inside?
    The spirits sent my blood churning
    Results of flirting with the evil side.

    If I fall will You forgive me?
    If I mess up, will You let go?
    When You hold onto me, You make me all that I can be
    And the love in Your heart continues to flow.

    How can You love a child
    Who's so reckless and so naive?
    But oh, when You think of her, you smile
    And she can conquer anything, because it's in her that You believe.

    How can You hold onto such a stubborn soul
    When she whispered things of deceit?
    In the palm of Your hand is where she is gold
    And she's grateful for the things You've helped her defeat.

    How can You possibly smile
    When You think of a child in denial?
    You love her so deeply and lend her Your power
    Because You're her Father and she is Your flower.

    You kiss the scarred tattoos on her wrists
    And tell her she is loved
    No medicine replaces You, as you are the splint
    And with You, the healing has begun.

    When she confronts You, she starts to shine
    You whisper with the wind, tell her 'you're mine'.
    You smile so gently, because she's one of a kind
    With You in her heart, she's perfectly aligned.

    You brush the hair off her cheeks
    Whispering in her ears 'you are sweet'
    As you hug her in Your joyful embrace
    Her heart swells with joy as she's found her place.

    When she tries to depart, You hold her steadfast
    Because time is irrelevant, as is the hourglass.
    You take the time out of your day for her, to show her that you care
    And when it comes to her, there's always time to spare.

    You whisper to her,
    "You're precious, and you're mine,
    And now that you're safe, you will be fine."

    You are the leisure
    And she is the treasure
    And nothing shall ever equally measure. <3
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