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No means NO!!!! *language, poss trigger*

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Sa Palomera

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is it that fucking hard to understand!!!????
Where the FUCK do guys get the idea from that when a girl says no, she actually means yes!??? tell ya what, that's NOT the fucking case!!!

NO IS NO! not maybe, not perhaps, not probably, not yes. no, it's NO!
For fuck sake!!!

and then they feel insulted when I push them away and say "NO!" and walk off!??? what the fuck am I supposed to do??? just let them all walk over me whenever they feel like it? Let them stick their fucking dicks in me whenever they feel like it????!!!


it fucking SICKENS me!!

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
and yes, I know I brought this all on myself. I mean, after all, then I do want stuff, then I don't, then I do then I don't. Go all sexual, next day pull back, go ahead, pull back, go ahead, pull back. they must be going crazy, but still, no is no, right? RIGHT??!!!

urgh, especially HE. WHAT THE FUCK do I need to do to make the message clear?? Okay so I did sleep in one bed with him, I did kiss with him, I did let him go ahead with my breasts, but I pulled his hand away when he was going down below. I pushed his hand away SEVERAL TIMES. He kept trying till I faked to be asleep.
few days later he forces me down to the couch, refusing to let me get up and go to bed "no you're not tired, no you're not going to bed" I managed to break loose, I doubt if he'd tried anything, seeing as we were in the living room and people were at home. I pushed him away and immediately went to my bed.
then today he forces me on the couch again, I yell "NO!" and walk off to my room immediately again. he's acting the poor insulted guy again now. WHEN THE FUCK will he get the message that that one night doesnt mean I will actually have sex with him.
I don't care if he'll get his family to kill me, fine with me I dont give a flyin fuck. but I'm NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM.
I'm SICK of being walked all over
I'm sick of them using me for my body.

From now on I'll only do as I like. FUCK THAT.

and if he EVER, and I mean EVER tries ANYTHING, than I do not know what the consequences will be. I've reached the point where I'm very scared of myself. I'm so scared. If he EVER tries ANYTHING again I don't know who I will damage then, the house, him or myself. but someone or something will fucking suffer if he EVER tries ANYTHING again!!!!!
Hunni :sad: I know who your talking about and from what you told me about the time he made u stay on the coach it does sound very scary. I wish there was something i could do :sad: maybe talk to the landlord about it?? tell him your being scared by what hes doing. Maybe he can have a talk with him?? or get one of the guys to talk with him??

* sending you millions and millions of hugs *

Im on msn and skype if you wanna talk :hug:

:hug: Hun, its not your fault, you don't bring it on yourself. If you say no, it should be no. :hug: Here if you want to talk...new msn's in my profile. :hug: Take care.
oh forgot to add. Hun i know you think those consequences will happen, please be careful because if ANYTHING happens to you then there WILL be consequences for HIM and i WILL make sure of that. TRUST ME ON THAT.

Its not your fault, you didn't bring this on yourself. Please remember that. no does mean no, if they cant handle that its THEIR fault not yours.


Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
I mean isn't it absurd, that I miss my favorite tv shows, just because I'm too scared to go watch tv in the livingroom if I know he's the only one who's there????

FUCK IT, I'll go for the confrontation... I'll sit there and watch tv with him, if he tries again, I'ma call my housemates, thank god for nice housemates. I told the other 2 girls in the house what had happened and they said that we'll have him kicked out if he tries anything again.

but then again, I am the one who sits there... I am the one who runs around topless, I am the one who takes baths with housemates. but it has no sexual meaning. it's just who I am, but then again, isn't that asking for it to happen? Isn't that asking for it????

urgh but why should I change my fucking behavriour? isn't it so that when I want to fucking run aroun d topless I should be able to do so without guys trying to fuck me all over???

URGHH MEN!!!!!!!!!! (sorry to the guys who read this, there are exceptions of course... it's just that my experiences with guys... not all too pleasant. :dry: )
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Hun, remember what i told you on skype last weekend? NO ONE deserves that and NO ONE ask's for it. Please think about the confrontation, why not leave it for tonight??

I think thats a good idea about getting him kicked out if he does anything again. If he does PLEASE go to to the landlord, tell him whats happening, im sure he'll sort everything thing out for you.



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We can't help it if you turn us on but that is no excuse to behave inappropriately.

12 year olds walk around wearing a corset, thigh high leather boots and £200 worth of makeup but that doesn't mean you can rape them.
No you never sweetie. Please dont think like that. You dont deserve it. You cant change who you are, you didnt bring this on yourself so please stop thinking like that.

Im on invisible on skype if you wanna talk okay? im here for ya :arms:


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Well I know the meaning of no. And in the next couple of months to a year I am sure that I will be able to prove it.

But on a side case, from the experiences of my friend I have heard that girls are EVEN worse. I have also heard from many other people the same thing. If a guy decides not to stick his dick in a girl she will get furious over time. To be honest I am sure that if my friend did not stick his dick in his current girlfriend they would not be together. :dry:

But what do I know? I am a guy after all who has never had a female friend much less a significant other. Hopefully as I become more social I will have experiences to share that show females are just as bad as male. Because I am pretty sure that a good portion of females will like my philosophy "Companions before sex partners" they will think "Hurray I won't have to fuck every night" But I am sure as time goes on they will get the itch and when I turn them down they will just leave me.
If a girl says NO then thats what it should mean, I cant understand why a guy would not get the message or somehow get confused by that. Its pretty simple really.

Im sorry this is happening to you Est, but hopefully there will be a positive end to it around the corner.
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