No Means Soap

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by BelovedDreamer, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    You touch my body.
    I push away.
    If I wash clean
    rub skin white till pink
    baby scream.
    I have the trapped words still
    caught between my teeth
    crawling through
    the tunnels of my heart.
    HE touched me
    and He would not stop touching me.
    Why wouldn't He stop.
    Capitals letters
    my mind
    in illness and fear
    elevating the devil
    to a God.
    When no
    no longer means no
    the bad taste in my mouth
    refusing to go away
    I spit
    and spit
    coat the city streets in spit
    but I still taste his
    force on my mouth.
    And I stop saying no
    for no
    no longer means no anyway
    and fill my body
    poor dirty thing
    with drugs
    I want to believe
    I still remember
    and I scrub
    OCD strong
    but can't seem
    to find my way clean.
  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    :eek:hmy: You keep outdoing yourself.:eek:hmy: You keep besting your best. However do you manage it?? This brings back long-buried memories. I too had a He who didn't believe that No meant No. Thought it meant he could do whatever cause he was stronger than I. I still have bad dreams that time of the year.


  3. BelovedDreamer

    BelovedDreamer Well-Known Member

    I am sorry that you've been hurt. Thank you for sharing and letting me share. It was so frightening. On top of the fact that I already have problems around this sort of thing. Ick. I literally made a run for it and he came after me and cornered me. It was awful.
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