no memory too anxious.

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  1. Sarah

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    i can't remember things anymore. Things are so bad at work I forget what I've done a few seconds after I've done it. I'm losing my mind :(. Going crazy. I know they see it. I'm stuck so stuck.
  2. Brian777

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    When I'm really anxious or stressed I forget things too, you're not going crazy. It will get better. Sometimes you have to stop, go somewhere quiet and take a few deep breaths. I used to go into the bathroom at work and just give myself a few minutes to regroup my mind. Close my eyes, try not to think and just breathe. Be gentle with yourself, you'll be okay.
  3. ThePhantomLady

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    This happens to me too when I'm depressed, stressed or anxious. It's not permanent, but it can be scary.

    Take deep breaths and don't panic, know this is normal, and you'll be okay!

  4. sa-chan

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    It doesn't really sound like you are going crazy but I can see how something like this (potentially caused by stress/anxiety) will make it just worse creating some sort of feedback cycle that could be hard to break... :(

    I guess an immediate step would be to figure out a way to cope with your anxiety. Personally I had some success with stopping to directly fight anxiety and rather accept the symptoms and deal with them, for me it's easier when I'm not constantly "fuck now I have anxiety again I'm so bad at everything" but rather more like "ok i'm breathing badly and feeling dizzy. Maybe I better sit down and take deep breathes for a bit". But yeah I'm not a professional and I don't know if this is a good way to cope with anxiety for everyone.

    Now if you still have memory/concentration issues there might also be a couple other factors you might want to look into: Did anything change in your everyday? Did anything happen that bothers you? Do you get enough restful sleep? Are you consuming too much caffeine? Do you have a fever? Are you working too much? There is so much that can cause this kind of issues, maybe it's even the lighting being too dark at our workplace? (I struggle with this at Uni sometimes...)

    Lastly know that it's perfectly normal to sometimes be incapable of concentrating on something or getting distracted by things. Of course it's an issue that you should address if it persists for a while, but it sure doesn't necessarily mean that you are going crazy.