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  1. Malcontent

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    This isn't aimed at anyone here, or at anyone specific really. I just need to rant.

    I'm so sick of just being used by people. I'm the last resort when everyone else has fucked off, but when they're back again guess who conveniently gets the brush off. Why is it ok for me to be used and treated like an object? Why do people think that it's perfectly fine to pick me up when they're bored then drop me like I'm not even a person? You wouldn't treat an animal like that so why do it to me? And the more I don't react the more I'm provoked - what kind of sick fun is there in that? Is it funny to drive me the edge then take the piss while I use every ounch of strength to not give up? Even if you could see how much it hurts you wouldn't care. Grow up. I'm not a puch-bag, I'm not your toy. Next time you're alone you'll have plenty of time to think about why no one's around cos I wont be there either. I've been pushed far enough. Fuck you. Fuck everyone who thinks I'm just something to use for entertainment. I'm better than that, much better.
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    You are. No one should do that to you. I'm here, if you ever want to talk. =)